Zoning & Code Enforcement

Zoning & Code Enforcement

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Zoning Permits

All applications for development must be submitted to the Zoning Officer for review before building permits can be issued.

The applicant must submit a copy of the property survey along with a completed and signed zoning application before the review process can begin.

If the project involves an addition to the residence or an accessory structure, the survey should show the size of the project, distances to the property lines, location of the septic, the distance to the residence, and all impervious coverage on the property. If the application involves a home occupation or interior renovation, a floor plan showing the change must accompany the application.

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Planning a home project?

It is wise to contact the office regarding permits before you start. Some retailers give incorrect information telling customers permits are not needed, when they are, putting you at risk for a violation.
2022 Zoning Permit

There is a fee required prior to the issuance of a zoning permit, if work is done without an approved zoning permit there is an additional charge. There may also be additional penalties, which may include issuance of a summons for work done without a permit. Occasionally, a permit cannot be approved by this office because it requires review and approval from the Planning/Zoning Board. In those instances, following submission and review of the zoning application, a letter will be sent informing you that you need an additional approval and how to proceed.

Fee Schedule (Residential)

For construction costs up to $20,000 the fee is $30.00 (If work was done without a permit, the fee is $50.00)
– Construction costs between $21,000 – $50,000 the fee is $40.00 (If work was done without a permit, the fee is $65.00)
– Construction costs over $50,000 the fee is $50.00 (If work was done without a permit, the fee is $80.00)
– Construction costs for a new home the fee is $75.00 (If work was done without a permit, the fee is $105.00)
- Home occupation permit fee is $40.00 (If done without a permit, the fee is $60.00)

Fee Schedule (Commercial)

– Construction costs up to $10,000 the fee is $40.00 (If work was done without a permit, the fee is $60.00)
– Construction costs between $10,000 – $100,000 the fee is $75.00 (If work was done without a permit, the fee is $100.00)
– Construction costs over $100,000 the fee is $100.00 (If work was done without a permit, the fee is $150.00)
– Letters of Certification or approvals $30.00

Code Enforcement

Land use, property maintenance and littering violations of the Code of the Township of Stillwater are addressed in this department. Violations are received in multiple ways; complaints left with the main office, as a message on the voice mail system or by mail. All violations received are investigated and when appropriate, a Notice of Violation will be sent. Residents are not required to provide their name and address when filing a complaint. In most cases, the Notice of Violation is adequate and no further action is necessary to correct the problem. However, when necessary a summons to Municipal Court will be issued for failure to abate the violation.

Abandoned/Vacant Home Registration and Maintenance

Registration and Maintenance of Abandoned/Vacant Homes and their property are required in Stillwater Township. The Registration Fees are as follows: The first year is $250.00, the second year is $500.00, years 3 through 5 is $1,000.00 and for any year more than five years is $5,000.00. Any changes in property management should be reported to the Code Enforcement Officer, Tom Dixon at (973) 383-6332 or Zoning@stillwatertwp.com.

Vacant and Abandoned Home Registration Form

Home Rehabilitation Loan

This program is available to low and moderate income homeowners in Stillwater. The repair or replacement of substandard heating, electrical and plumbing systems, structural repairs, repairs to correct code violations, lead based paint remediation and stabilization measures, energy saving measures such as insulation, new windows and storm doors. Those improvements that will upgrade the home to standard condition.


Summary of Fair Share Plan, Stillwater Township


Fair Share Summary Options


Mechanism Project Name Description Units/Credits
Third Round
Accessory Apartments Family Rental 15
Prior Round Credit (group homes) Group Homes for disabled adults 6
Market to Affordable Wings Adventure, Inc. Affordable Housing 2
Third Round Subtotal 23
Prior Round
Accessory Apartments Tannis Family Rental 8
Accessory Apartments AF & EJF, LLC Family Rental 2
Market to Affordable Habitat for Humanity Affordable Housing 1
Supportive Housing SCARC Housing Inc. Group Home for disabled adults 5
Supportive Housing Katie’s House, Inc. Group Home for disabled adults 5
Prior Round Subtotal -6
Stillwater Township Fair Share Plan Total 17
Third Round Proposed Credits 23
Stillwater Township Third Round Obligation 90
Duration Adjustment 0*

*67 Units will be addressed if/when water and sewer become available

Affordable Housing Trust Balance: $103,369.04

Please contact Tom Dixon (973) 383-9484 or Zoning@stillwatertwp.com

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