Tax Department

Tax Department

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is responsible for collecting all property taxes. Upon receipt of the Township’s tax assessments and certified tax rate, tax bills are calculated and mailed to property owners, authorized banks and mortgage companies.

When property taxes are not paid on a timely basis, the Tax Collector is responsible for delinquent billing and schedules an annual Tax Sale to collect delinquent taxes.

The Tax Collector strives to obtain a high collection rate to minimize a negative budgetary impact on the Township’s financial expenses. The Tax Collector provides written reports to both the governing body and the State of New Jersey.


Tax Bill Breakdown 2023

Stillwater Township now offers On-line payments via credit card or e-check. Click this link for Online Pay 

Note: Tax bills are mailed out once a year, usually in July.

Taxes are due: Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1, and Nov. 1. Each quarter has a 10-day grace period, and interest accrues after the grace period, from the due date of the 1st. Added Assessment bills for improvements are mailed out in early October each year and are due Nov. 1st.

Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze)

For general information, to receive an application, or to check the status of a filed application, go to, select Property Tax Relief and then Senior Freeze Program or call 1 (800) 882-6597;

They must make an appointment to visit a Regional Information Center: For locations that are open, go to, and select Contact Us;

To file a PTR-1 or PTR-2 application online, go to:  and select Property Tax Relief and then Senior Freeze Program;

Text Telephone Service (TTY/TDD) for hearing-impaired users: 1 (800) 286-6613 or (609) 984-7300;

Taxation email address for Senior Freeze and general tax questions:

NJ Division of Taxation – Senior Freeze Applications (

Alternate documents to send as proof can be found in the Senior Freeze FAQ. Note: Applications are mailed beginning on February 24, 2023, to the last address on file. The US Postal Service does not forward application booklets. PTR-1 applicants may print the application. PTR-2 applicants should call the Senior Freeze information line above.

Form PTR-1 is for applicants who are filing for a reimbursement the first time (or who filed an application the previous year that we denied because the applicant did not meet all the eligibility requirements).
Click here to access PTR-1 form

Form PTR-2 is a personalized application that are mailed only to those who filed an application and met all the eligibility requirements for a reimbursement the previous year. If you qualify to use Form PTR-2, and you did not receive a personalized application, call the Property Tax Reimbursement Hotline at 1-800-882-6597 to request that one be mailed to you or use the generic form below.
Click here to access PTR-2 form

You will need to fill out the income information, and then bring the verification page to the tax collector  to have your paid taxes certified. The Division will notify those applicants if they are not eligible.

Taxation email address for Senior Freeze and general tax questions:

New Jersey tax payers will soon be receiving filing information mailers for the Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters (2019  ANCHOR) – property tax relief program.

The ANCHOR program replaces the Homestead Benefit program and allows for increased eligibility for both homeowners and tenants. The deadline for filing an ANCHOR application is Friday, December 30, 2022.  The State of NJ will be mailing out the applications the week of September 19th.  Please do not call the State about a missing mailer until at least two weeks after the expected delivery date.

For more information please contact the ANCHOR program at 1-888-238-1233 or online at  NJ Division of Taxation – ANCHOR Program

Property Tax Relief Information

There are two levels of property tax relief in New Jersey, programs administered at the Municipal level, and those that are administered at the State level.

Municipal Level
The two programs administered at the Municipal Level are the Senior Citizens’ Deduction and the Veterans’ Deduction. Both give the homeowner a $250 credit on their taxes, beginning in the year that it is first approved. The Veteran’s deduction continues without any annual verification necessary until the Veteran sells the home. If a veteran dies while the deduction is in effect, his or her spouse will receive the Widow of a Veteran unless they marry again. The Senior deduction is based on income, so each year a verification form is mailed out to all the seniors with the deduction, wherein the senior must certify that their income did not exceed the amount allowed in the prior year, and that they believe that it will not exceed the amount in the subsequent year.  (Income other than Social Security and other Federal programs must not exceed $10,000.)

State Level
All other property tax relief programs are administered by the State of NJ: Homestead Rebate Property Tax

Reimbursement or Senior Freeze
For other programs that may offer you some financial help or other aid, look at the website:

Veteran’s Property Tax Deduction Claim Form
Click here to view/download the New Veterans Property Tax Deduction Form

Tax Payer Bill of Rights: About New Jersey Taxes New Jersey Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights . Public Law 2017, Chapter 128 . Overview . The Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights:



Tax Maps

2022 Tax Maps

Tax Assessment The Tax Assessor is a quasi-judicial position, a creature of the Legislature, whose authority is statutory and based in the New Jersey Constitution. The Stillwater Township Tax Assessor holds a Certified Tax Assessor Certificate from the State of New Jersey, Department of the Treasury, Division of Taxation. Although the Tax Assessor is hired and paid by the Municipality, the immediate supervisor of the Tax Assessor is the County Board of Taxation.

The Assessor’s Office The Municipal Tax Assessor is responsible for the following activities:

  • Location and ownership of all real property in the taxing district; listing and describing property in a manner as prescribed by the Division of Taxation.
  • Determining taxable value of all property in the taxing district.
  • Equalization via district wide revaluation and maintenance and for purposes of State aid to schools.
  • Defense of Appeals – appearances at County Tax Board and State Tax Court.
  • Process and review copies of construction permits and valuation for added and omitted assessments and for COAH fees.
  • Sub-Divisions – assign block and lot numbers and valuation of newly created lot(s).
  • Farmland assessment – valuation, review of applications, inspections, in addition to rollback assessments.
  • Continual Review of Property Cards to ensure accuracy.
  • Deductions – review for qualification pursuant to NJ State Statutes of Veteran, widow, senior & disabled.
  • Exempt Properties – Every third year reviewing all exempt properties and obtaining updated information to ensure qualification.
  • Chapter 75 – Assessment notification post cards mailed annually on or before February 1st of the tax year. The notification shows the current year assessment, the taxes paid in the prior year, and appeal information. If taxpayers have any questions with regard to the assessment, they should contact the Tax Assessor’s office.

Tax Appeals A taxpayer does not file an appeal of his/her taxes but rather the assessment.  Stillwater Township taxpayers who believe that their assessments do not reflect 100% of true market value as of October 1st, of the pretax year (the assessing date) have the right to file an appeal with the Sussex County Board of Taxation on or before April 1st of the tax year. A Petition of Appeal may be obtained from the Sussex County Tax Board located at the 83 Spring Street, Newton, NJ 07860 973-579-0790 or visit

Farmland Assessment

2023 Farmland Assessment Information and forms:

Deadline to File – August 1, 2023

2023 Farmland Assessment Letter & Guidelines

2023 Supplemental Farmland Form

Farmland Application (FA-1)

Farmland Gross Sales Form (FA-1 GS)

General Farmland Information

The New Jersey Homeowner’s Guide to Property Taxes

The New Jersey Homeowner’s Guide to Property Taxes is provided by the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants in partnership with New Jersey Realtors and the Association of Municipal Assessors of New Jersey and is a great publication for all New Jersey homeowners.

Click Here to Download/read the Guide

Assessment Cards
The Annual Notice of Assessment postcards have been mailed out.  They are white this year.  If you do not receive your card or lose it you can view/download your postcard from the NJ Association of County Tax Boards’ website:
On search page put in your last name and click on the search.  Click on your name and the postcard information button will be on the top left side of the page.



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