Recreation Commission


  • Chairman
  • Dawn Delaney
  • Vice Chairman
  • Tanya Stark
  • Secretary
  • Michele Hess

About the Recreation Commission

The Board of Recreation Commissioners shall consist of seven members, who shall be designated Commissioners, and two alternate members, who shall be designated as Alternate No. 1 and Alternate No. 2, all of whom shall be residents of the Township and shall be appointed in the manner prescribed by N.J.S.A. 40:12-1 and 40:12-1.1. All appointments shall be for a term of five years, and shall be so staggered that the term of at least one Commissioner, and not more than two Commissioners, shall expire in each year.

Commissioners shall formulate plans for the development and improvement of the public park and playground lands now or hereafter owned by the Township; propose methods or arrangements for the proper maintenance and care of such lands and the improvement thereof; formulate rules and regulations for the public use of park and playground lands and improvement thereof; determine annually what sums may be necessary for the improvement, care and maintenance of the public park and playground lands within the Township; and recommend to the Township Committee, in writing, the amounts necessary to be raised for that purpose.

Stillwater Township Recreation Commission has rescheduled its Clean-Up Day to Saturday, September 26, 2020 (rain date 9/27/2020).  Please see forms below to participate.

Click here to view;/download the 2020 clean up day coordinator letter

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Click here to view/download the2020-Recreation-Program-Waiver

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