Recycling and Trash

Recycling Center


Recycling Center will be open for STILLWATER RESIDENTS ONLY

Household waste only – No Bulky Waste at this time.
Regular Recycling materials also accepted.
Aluminum, Co Mingled, Cardboard, Metal.

4 Bag Maximum
All Bags must be CLOSED

Bags will be placed on Scale by Resident
Transaction Amounts will be rounded to
Nearest 0.50 cents or dollar amount
Bags will then be moved from scale to
Loader by Residents.  Some assistance can
be provided but we ask for as much ‘self serve’
as possible

We want to continue to serve our residents
But must place some restrictions on what
can be disposed of in the weeks ahead.

Please remember to keep yourself safe
as well as our Workers

Information for Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority:

Trash Disposal

Stillwater Township offers their residents a Recycling and Convenience Center to bring their household trash and recycling. Residents wishing to have their trash and recycling picked up curbside can contract with several companies in the area. The Center’s hours are 9:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays (excluding holidays).

Regular trash may be dropped off at a fee of .15 cents per pound. Disposal fees for special items, such as furniture, automobiles and large appliances are listed below. Scroll down for information about recycling, non-recyclable items and electronic recyclables.

2018 Recycling Flyer

Item and Disposal Fee

All Items containing Freon or other Refrigerants – $15.00
Fiberglass Dishwashers – $15.00
Couch – $15.00
Armchair – $10.00
Boxspring – $10.00
Mattress – $10.00
Rug – $10.00
Dresser – $10.00
Table – $5.00
Automobile tires without rims – $4.00
Automobile tires with rims – $5.00
Truck tires – not to exceed 1100/20 – $6.00
20 lb. propane tank with valve – $5.00
20 lb. propane tank without valve – FREE
All metal items – FREE

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*Recyclable materials separated by category (paper, corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags, motor oil, newspaper, containers, batteries)
*All non-rechargeable household batteries are NOT recyclable.
*Trash disposal (at a fee of 15 cents per pound)
*Aluminum cans shall be separated from other recyclables and placed in container for aluminum cans only.

Recyclable Items

All junk mail, all magazines, catalogs, white and yellow lined paper tablets, computer paper, copier and fax paper, construction paper (no glue or separators), manila files and envelopes, brochures, all plastic bottles with a 1, 2 or 3 inside the recycling triangle (no caps; rinsed and flattened), tin cans (rinsed or flattened), aluminum foil and pans (rinsed), glass (rinsed and no lids) and telephone books.

Non-Recyclable Items

Plastic and metal spine booklets, plastic caps and lids, light bulbs, window panes, and ceramic glass.

Electronic Recyclables

The items listed must be recycled at Sussex County Municipal Solid Waste Facility, 34 South Route 94, Lafayette: computers and computer equipment (monitors, printers etc.), televisions, printers and fax machines, radios and cd players

All other electronics (i.e. vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, etc.) can be brought to the Stillwater Recycling and Convenience Center with their regular household waste to be weighed with a fee of 15 cents per pound.

For further information on the Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority please visit their website at:

Recycling Center Stillwater NJ
Recycling in Stillwater NJ

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