September 6, 2023 Meeting Minutes

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September 6, 2023

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mrs. Minervino, Mrs. Tsadilas, Mrs. Falotico, Mrs. Richardson, and Mrs. Tosti

LIASION: Mrs. Delaney was in attendance

MEMBERS ABSENT: Mr. Carovillano, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Sylvester, and Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Tosti called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. with the statement that this meeting follows the Open Public Meetings Act. Regular meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m., at the Stillwater Township Municipal Building located in Middleville, New Jersey. This meeting was held at the Stillwater Township Municipal Building. The flag was saluted and roll call taken.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Mrs. Tsadilas made a motion to approve the minutes from the August 7, 2023, meeting, seconded by Mrs.Minervino. Roll Call Vote:  Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

 Payment of Bills: Mrs. Minervino made a motion to approve the payment of the following bills totaling $3,759.20, seconded by Mrs. Tsadilas. Roll Call Vote:  Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Richardson, abstain, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Camp Counselor #1 – $508.00

Camp Counselor #2 – $101.60

Camp Counselor #3 – $508.00

Camp Counselor #4 – $508.00

Camp Counselor #5 – $508.00

Camp Counselor #6 – $203.20

Camp Counselor #7 – $508.00

Camp Counselor #8 – 190.50

(The above counselors are minors – names are not to be listed)

Camp Counselor Carissa Roycroff – $266.70

Camp Counselor Gina Richardson – $457.20

 Head Counselor Tara Tosti – $800.00 (under discussion – not included in the bills totaling $3,759.20)

A note from our CFO was attached in our meeting packets to further explain the line of payment under discussion: Our CFO received the time sheets for the summer camp counselors and brought it to our attention that there are not enough funds in the Recreation Trust to cover the salaries of the counselors. This has been a concern of our CFO for years. Even with the increase of the registration fee, we did not cover the cost of the camp. All but the head counselor were paid from the Recreation Trust as there are enough funds in the account to the cover those expenses. The head counselor’s salary will have to be split between the Recreation Trust and another funding source – there is $600.00 that is still owed to the head counselor after the Recreation Trust is utilized. The Recreation Commission was given two options for funding the remaining $600.00: The Activity Club or the Recreation Commission Budget Line (Community Events). The CFO suggested using the Community Events line as that is replenished each year in the budget and the Activity Club sustains itself with donations.

 Payment of the Head Counselor: Mrs. Richardson made a motion to approve the remaining payment of $600.00 for the head counselor utilizing the Community Events line, seconded by Mrs. Tsadilas. Roll Call Vote:  Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs. Tosti, abstain

 Correspondence: A recognition email in reference to the K-9 demonstration was read to the Commission. The attendee was grateful for the experience and hopes that more events of this nature will be offered in the future.

Open Public Session – Agenda Items Only: The meeting was opened to the public at 7:40 p.m. No one from the public wished to speak during the open public session. The meeting was closed to the public at 7:40 p.m.

Amendments to the Agenda: A member from the public was in attendance for an application approval. Mrs. Tosti moved Item #9 from Sub-Committee Reports (Field/Pavilion Application Approvals).

Field/Pavilion Application Approvals, Scheduling – Mrs. Tosti

Robert Ragazzo Stillwater Recreation Soccer League (Fall) Volunteer field 9/11-11/1 Monday-Friday 4:30-7:00 p.m. Saturday 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Insured Mrs. Tosti informed Mr. Ragazzo that the fields are no longer maintained after 11/1 (Nov.1st through March 31s t ). Mr. Ragazzo understood.

Mrs. Tsadilas made a motion to accept the field use application from the Stillwater Recreation Soccer League, seconded by Mrs. Minervino. Roll Call Vote: Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Mike Carovillano Kittatinny Little League Baseball (Fall) Stillwater & Veterans Park (different age groups) 9/8-11/1 Insurance Pending (will submit to Mrs. Tosti by 9/7)

Mrs. Tsadilas made a motion to accept the field use application from the Kittatinny Little League Baseball, seconded by Mrs. Minervino. Roll Call Vote: Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

KeithTrotter Kittatinny High School Developmental Team Stillwater Park  Begins 9/7 Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-8:00 p.m. (practice) Sundays (games) After 12:30 p.m. so that there is no conflict with the previously approved days/times of the co-ed softball league. Insured

Mrs. Tsadilas made a motion to accept the field use application from the Kittatinny High School Developmental Team, seconded by Mrs. Minervino. Roll Call Vote: Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Old Business:

County Senior Program Update – “Walk with Ease” 9/11-11/1 Tai Chi 2 10/17-11/14 (this class is full) Tai Chi 1 will be offered again in February (dates to be determined) “Matter of Balance” will be offered November  (dates to be determined) The above classes have previously been offered. Due to the positive response of attendees, they are being offered again.

Collaboration with Hampton and Stillwater Seniors – Chair Yoga No updates.

New Business: No new business to report.

Sub-Committee Reports:

 Clean Up Day – Mrs. Tosti There will be no Fall Clean Up Day. Discussed with CFO regarding Clean Communities funding better to push toward Spring. Will be offered again in (April) 2024. Date to be determined.

Miss Stillwater, Little Miss and Mr. Stillwater – Mr. Sylvester/Mrs. Minervino/Mrs. Falotico 5/12/2023 No updates.

Stillwater Day/Fall Festival – Sub Committee for 2023 Mrs. Tosti/Mrs. Richardson (Mrs. Minervino, Mrs. Falotico, Mrs. Tsadilas as needed) 10/7/2023 Rain Date: 10/8/2023 Vendors are needed. Get creative and think/ask vendors who may be interested in participating.

Bounce House – Ed Caffrey has a Star Wars bounce house available. Since it doesn’t fit into our theme (country theme), there was little interest on the Historical Society’s end in renting it. We can choose a traditional bounce house, however the Star Wars bounce house is a maze/obstacle course which requires less constant supervision. Considering the number of children who attend this event, members of the Recreation Committee believe any type of bounce house is necessary. It was a huge attraction and success in past years. Mrs. Tosti requested Mrs. Delaney contact Mr. Caffrey and ask if there are any other types of bounce houses available. However, if the Star Wars is the only one available, the Recreation Commission agrees we should move forward with it. If we aren’t going to commit, Mrs. Delaney wants to let Mr. Caffrey know ASAP. This will be discussed/voted on at the 9/7 meeting with the Historical Society.

Fall Festival Budget – $4,200 was spent for our 2022 Fall Festival. However, some items/attractions will not be included in this year’s expenses, which will help alleviate some costs. Our new budget shall not exceed $5,000

Equipment from Tri-State Rentals – $1,000

Purchase of pretzels and other materials needed to run the machines we are renting -$300

Music (Rick Nothstine) – $300

Purchase of Popcorn machine not to excede $1000

T-Shirts – $540 (last year’s price)

Games/Prizes – $500

Stillwater School Custodian (10 hours) – $400

Windy Brow (pumpkins) – $700

Wood (handmade scarecrows/pumpkins/ghosts) – $120

Mrs. Tosti made a motion to approve the 10/7/2023 Fall Festival Event Budget up to 5,000 on our budget line and referring to the itemized list, seconded by Mrs. Richardson. Roll Call Vote: Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

50/50 – The Township Committee approved a 50/50 to be held on 10/7/2023 by the Historical Society.

Garage Sale Weekend – Mrs. Wunder  10/14/2023-10/15/2023 October 14th & 15th has been set for our Fall Garage Sale weekend. It has been added to the Township website calendar. The applications have been printed and are available at Town Hall, as well as posted on our website/social media pages. Applications have started coming in. The Herald has been contacted to set dates for advertisement – the banner advertisement has been looked over and approved. We are waiting on the final approval/billing from the Herald. The banner and application need to be posted to the Recreation Commission section of the Stillwater website as well – this will be done ASAP.

Summer Camp – Mrs. Tosti 8/7/2023-8/14/2023 It was a great two weeks. The programs offered were a success and the children loved them. Having the K-9 demonstration, as well as other events, offered during the weeks of Summer Camp was great exposure. We have to be mindful of advertising Summer Camp throughout the year in order to gain more attendees to counter balance the increase in the counselor minimum wage. There were a lot of new faces and younger families this year. Mrs. Tosti thanked every single person who took time out of their day to help make this event such a success! Everyone’s hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed!!!

Sussex County Day – Mrs. Richardson 9/17/2023 Mrs. Richardson will need the contact person’s name to obtain details regarding the event. Committee members offered ideas of what Mrs. Richardson will need the day of the event, what materials are necessary, and the ideal location to set up. It was suggested that people rotate sitting at the booth in shifts so that no one person sits the entire day. This is will be further discussed at a later date. A vote was needed to donate a blanket to be raffled off at the event

Mrs. Tosti made a motion to donate a blanket to be raffled off at this years Sussex County Day Expo held on 9/17/2023, seconded by Mrs. Falotico. Roll Call Vote: Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Halloween & Holiday Decorating Contests – Mr. Reilly Mrs. Tosti spoke to Mr. Reilly regarding an advertisement flyer for the Halloween contest. Mr. Reilly is currently working on the flyer.

Tree Lighting 12/1/2023 Snow Date: 12/2/2023 No updates.

Field Maintenance – Mr. Sylvester/Mr. Carovillano No updates.

Community Center Activities:

 Senior Citizen Ice Cream Social – Mrs. Richardson 9/28/2023 6:00-8:00 p.m. Volunteers for this event are greatly appreciated since this is a particularly popular event. Event information has been posted on the board and the flyers will be posted online ASAP.

Trunk or Treat – Mrs. Falotico/Mrs. Martin 10/22/2023 1:00 p.m. Flyers are complete. Anyone who pre-registers a trunk for the event will be asked to be set up by 12:40 p.m. Pre-registering is not required (anyone can participate in the trunk day of), but it is preferred. There will be a costume contest. It is still undecided whether it will be judged according to age groups or categories. Three judges are needed (possibly Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Falotico, Mrs. Martin). A small budget for prizes will need to be approved by our October meeting. Mrs. Tsadilas offered to assist with the indoor crafts. Light refreshments will be served inside – hot apple cider, hot chocolate, apple cider donuts, etc. Since apple themed refreshments can get pricey, donations from local orchards may be a possibility. Speakers will be set up for music.

Volunteers needed:

Crossing guard

Parking director (we still need to ask the church if it is okay to utilize their parking lot)

Trunk asks (Ambulance Squad, Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department – truck?)

Open Mic Night – Mrs. Minervino Mrs. Minervino was approached by Deb DeAnne to propose a poetry and acoustic music (no bands/percussion) open mic night. She used to offer them at Harmony Hill Church and would love to host one with the Recreation Commission at the Community Center. Mrs. DeAnne does the set up and sound system. She is available to offer this event Tuesday evenings after 9/15/2023. This is a free event – all are welcome to attend. A bake sale can take place during the event and all proceeds will get donated to the Activity Club. There was a lengthy discussion regarding this event. More information was requested by members. Information will be relayed to Mrs. DeAnne requesting her to attend next meeting to answer in more detail and we will revisit this at our next meeting.

Educational Activities:

Movie Night – Mrs. Falotico 10/13/2023 Stillwater Park. Hocus Pocus. Flyer was approved and is set to go out. Concessions open at 6:00 p.m. and movie will begin at dusk.

POW/MIA Dinner – Mrs. Minervino  9/15/2023 4:00-6:00 p.m. Community Center. Due to Mrs. Minervino introducing the “missing mans” table and the tables for the event being set for a dinner, it was preferred that this event be catered versus potluck style. Unfortunately, catering was out of our budget. Food has since been set (thanks to our volunteers). Mrs. Minervino asked if the “missing man” table could become a permanent fixture in the Community Center. Mrs. Delaney presented this at the Township Committee Meeting and it was approved. The only requirement is that it is a small dedication and out of the way of those who are renting and utilizing the center so that no space issues are presented.

Toys for Tots – Steve Ackerman/Mrs. Minervino Steve Ackerman is a contact for the marines for this event. The Stillwater Town Hall will be a collection point for the donation box (during business hours only). However, Mrs. Minervino will also act as a drop off point/pick up person for anyone who cannot make it during business hours. The unwrapped gifts are collected and brought to Picatinny. They are distributed to the necessary locations from there. If there are any residents within our community in need, they will get first pick.

Veteran’s Event – Mrs. Minervino 11/11/2023 2:00-4:00 p.m. Community Center. This event has been offered in the past – it will be similar in nature. Raffle/guest speakers/light refreshments. ALL attendees are welcome and encouraged to speak during the events. Mrs. Minervino will all handle rsvp’s. Advertisement flyer was approved.

Heros on the Water – Mrs. Tsadilas Spring 2024 (tentative). Mrs. Tsadilas was having a difficult time getting a response in regard to the details for the set-up of this event. Mrs. Tsadilas was eventually contacted – unfortunately her contact person for past events is no longer the contact person. We will be looking to offer this event in the Spring. This will be further discussed at a later date.

Craft Fair/Bake Sale – Mrs. Tsadilas Fall 2024 (tentative). Mrs. Tsadilas would like to add this event to our calendar, however since our event schedule is filled for the remainder of the year she would understand if we were interested in offering this event in 2024. Mrs. Tsadilas asked for committee members feedback – all agreed on setting this event for 2024. Mrs. Delaney mentioned how difficult it would be to get vendors to participate on such short notice and suggested we begin planning this event in January for Fall 2024. Money from the bake sale and table rentals can be donated to the Activity Club.

Open Public Session: The meeting was opened to the public at 10:10 p.m. Public session was closed at 10:00 p.m.

Committee Member Comments: No committee member comments.

Liaison Report – Mrs. Delaney: Nothing new to report. Mrs. Delaney answered Mrs. Tsadilas question regarding the roof for the Community Center, which is set to begin at the end of the month.

Executive Session/Session Actions: None at this time.

Adjournment: Mrs. Tosti made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:15 p.m., seconded by Mrs. Richardson. A vote was taken, and all were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

Danielle Wunder, Secretary


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