Veteran’s Memorial Park

Veteran’s Memorial Park
932 Pond Brook Road
Newton, NJ 07860

Hours: Dawn to Dusk (with exception of Ordinance 2021-08)

Lighting Ordinance 2021-08


Veteran’s Memorial Park was dedicated with a Veteran’s Memorial created by Hobie Wanamaker from Stillwater Township as an Eagle Scout project. The park is home to an annual Memorial Day Service to honor area Veterans.

The park contains a Little League Baseball field, a softball field and two all-purpose fields for football and lacrosse. The park has a 30 foot covered pavilion with picnic tables.

Veteran’s Memorial Park’s passive side is much more than just a path to walk your dog on. It is a birders paradise. More than 42 species of birds have been identified at our park. It boasts great trout fishing and is surrounded by trout filled waters on two sides. Trout Brook and the Paulins Kill River.

Hundreds of years ago it was home to the Lenni Lenape or sometimes referred to as the Delaware Indian tribe. Many native artifacts have been discovered in this area.

The path around the park has two small ponds ideal for breeding amphibians such as toads, wood frogs, spring peepers, and an assortment of amphibians. A number of different turtle species such as the snapping turtle, mud turtle, painted and the threatened wood turtle are known to lay their eggs along the banks of both Trout Brook and Paulins Kill.

To many, Stillwater’s Veterans Memorial Park’s Passive Side is the crown jewel of Stillwater.

Natural area of Veterans Park
Ball Field at Veterans Park


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