Paulinskill Lake

About Paulinskill Lake

Paulinskill Lake is a membership community located in beautiful northwest New Jersey. In the 1920s a dam was constructed across the Paulins Kill river to create a narrow 3-mile long body of water, Paulinskill Lake, that stretches from Hampton Township in the north to Stillwater Township south. The lake and resulting community was constructed in response to the 1914 establishment of Swartswood State Park, to provide seasonal housing and recreation for vacationers from the New York metropolitan area.

Currently, Paulinskill Lake is a year-round residential community of over 500 homes managed by the Paulinskill Lake Homeowners Association. A 1951 article in Philadelphia Magazine titled “Business Man’s Summer Retreat” highlighted that “Paulinskill Lake preserves the natural beauty of Sussex County“.

The community continues to embrace this beliefs today. We are dedicated to providing a safe place to live and play to all our members, while respecting the environment to sustain the natural beauty for future generations.

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Lake Paulinskill

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