November 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes



The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on November 7, 2018 at 7:22 pm at the Stillwater Municipal Building, Stillwater, NJ. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman David Manser with the statement read that this meeting is in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.

Members Present: Mrs. Delaney, Ms. Hess, Mr. Manser

Members Absent/Excused: Mrs. Connelly, Mr. Sylvester

Members Suspended: Mr. Ashley, Ms. Richardson


Motion by Mrs. Delaney seconded by Mr. Manser, that the minutes from the regular meeting of Oct. 1, 2018 be approved. Motion carried.


The following bills were presented – Septicare for August – $530.00. Motion by Mrs. Delaney, seconded by Ms. Hess to approve the bills. Motion carried.


A letter to Mr. Manser from Alicia Gardner regarding the Tree Lighting and will be brought up under the Committee Section.




Ms. Hess asked to move the “New Committee Members” from new business to before we begin our subcommittee reports. All approved.

Mr. Manser mentioned that we have 2 openings for regular committee members and 2 openings for Alternate members. After careful discussion and interviews during the executive session, the following was decided on to be recommended to the Township Committee: Elena Degen will have the 1 year unexpired term of Ms. Richardson from 1/1/19 – 12/31/19; Timothy Reilly will have the unrenewed term of Mr. Ashley from 1/1/19 – 12/31/23; First Alternate will be Joanne (Tanya) Stark and Second Alternate will be Lea Davenport. These dates will be confirmed with the Town Clerk, Lynda Knott. (Since meeting Ms. Knott confirmed the Alternate Dates are 1/1/19 – 12/31/23) Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Manser to approve. Motion carried.


  1. Decorating Contests – There was some discussion on the entry not submitted in a timely fashion. Since this same person did this last year and Mrs. Delaney requested they be added, it was decided at the Nov. 2018 meeting that we would no longer accept late entries, therefore, this one was not considered. There were 5 entries. The following are the prize winners: The Bello Family at 1059 Stillwater Rd. – Scariest; Ms. Dell & Ms. King at 946 Mt. Holly Rd. – Most Interactive; Bielan Family at 902 Twin River Rd. – Most Creative. They will each receive a $25.00 Shop Rite gift card. Honorable mentions go to The Perigo Family at 921 E. Walnut Dr. and The White Family at 897 Hampton Rd. Thank you to all who entered. The Holiday decorating form is ready online and will be on the sign board shortly. Mrs. Delaney will also put on Facebook.
  2. Tree Lighting – Mrs. Tosti and Mrs. Gardner were here and presented a schedule that they would like to do for the Tree Lighting including an ornament making event. They were told to discuss all their ideas with Mrs. Connelly. They have many great ideas including carols, pictures with Santa, the ornament placement on the tree and the telling of “The Night Before Christmas.” They want a volunteer to read the story and Ms. Hess offered to do so. They are willing to make the flyers and get them out at the school. Everyone agreed that it’s a wonderful idea and we welcome their help and input.
  3. Field Use/Maintenance – punch list items. Mr. Manser and Mr. Sylvester put up the first set of bleachers. Mr. Manser would like a letter to go to SLAP to assist with dismantling the old ones and help to install the other new one. Mr. Manser also did some clean up around behind the shed, etc. Ms. Hess mentioned that she would like to see us get some containers to put all the poles and connectors in. We will need to measure the length of the poles. Mrs. Delaney mentioned tall, round barrels. She thinks she has some in her shop. Ms. Hess also has a plastic tub that might fit the connectors. We need to pull out the Port-A-Johns. The one stays at Stillwater Park. We remove the ones at Volunteer Field and the 2 at the field at Veterans. There was some discussion on the top one at Veterans. They will be removed for Dec. 1.


1. Field Use – none

2. Mrs. Tosti – We discussed the ideas Mrs. Tosti has regarding a continuous program for the children all year long. She was informed that she can have access to the Town Hall for the nights of her programs when they aren’t doing outdoor activities. We are all in agreement that it’s a great idea. We approved $150 be added into our budget for her activities. This will be taken care of under new business.



1. The budget was discussed and most items stayed as they have been with the following exceptions. Increase Stillwater Day by $500.00 and reduce the Port-A-John Rental fees by the same amount due to the savings with the new company. We reduced our Equipment budget by $2,300.00 as we are not anticipating anything new needed this coming year. Field maintenance was a big topic as we made a recommendation to the town for a Turf Management program. Since we are hoping this will be approved but not sure if it will come from our field maintenance budget or the budget of the Buildings and Grounds, we included it in our budget. If it is not ours, then our field maintenance budget will remain the same. The budget we have for community events will be able to support the recommended $150.00 for Mrs. Tosti. We also submitted a capital amount of $15,000.00 for the base for the playground.




Mr. Manser mentioned that the DPW got the new lights on the flag poles at Veterans Park and they work great. Thanks to Josh and the DPW.

Mrs. Delaney thanked everyone for coming out and their interest.


Mr. Scott was away and Mayor Chammings was here in his place. She mentioned that SECTV is moving along – the franchise agreement has been finalized. The DPW is working on 5 Pts. Lane. They are moving forward with Tax Foreclosures and Tax Sales. Congratulations to Bill Morrison and George Scott who were re-elected. Thanks again to the newly to be appointed Rec. Commission members.


None needed


There being no further business, motion by Mrs. Delaney, second by Mr. Manser to adjourn the meeting at 8:38pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michele Hess



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