November 17, 2022 Regular Meeting

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Recreation Commission

November 7, 2022

Please take note of next meeting at the end of minutes

Call to order

Mrs. Delaney called to order the regular meeting of the Recreation Commission at 7:02 pm followed by the Open Public Meeting Statement and Flag Salute at Stillwater Township Municipal Building.

Roll call

Mrs. Gardner conducted a roll call.

Members Present- Mr. Carovillano, Ms. Minervino, Mr. Reilly, Mrs. Richardson, Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Delaney, Alternate #2 Ms. Falatico

Members Tardy- Alternate #1 Mrs. Tsadilas

Members Absent-

Liaison- Mrs. Rumsey

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Motion to approve Minutes from September 7, 2022 Meeting made by Mr. Sylvester second by Mrs. Tosti. A vote was taken and all are in favor.

Payment of Bill – Total $3,148.78 (see attached list) An anonymous donation of $150.00 was made to a Bill from the Fall Festival, Mrs. Delaney stated thank you to whomever made the donation.

Motion by Mrs. Tsadilas to pay Bills Second by Ms. Minervino. A vote was taken and all are in favor. Mrs. Tosti and Mrs. Richardson Abstained. Mrs. Tsadilas voted in place of Mrs. Tosti and Ms. Falotico voted in place of Mrs. Richardson.

Correspondence- Thank you note from Paulinskill Watershed for Fall Clean Up

Open Public Session I

The meeting was opened to the public at 7:09 pm, Public Session was closed at 7:09 pm. No public participants wished to speak.

Amendments to the Agenda – none at this time

Sub Committee Reports – none at this time

Mrs. Delaney took this time to mention Mrs. Stark, a previous Recreation Member, has taken a turn for the worse with a health condition and all agreed in thoughts and prayers be with her during this time.

Mr. Sylvester made a motion not to exceed $75.00 for Mrs. Tosti to purchase a plant and for everyone to sign a card. Second by Mr. Carovillano. A vote was taken all are in favor.

Clean Up Day- Mrs. Gardner – None at this time

Ms. Stillwater- Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Minervino – None at this time

Stillwater Day/Fall Festival Mrs. Tosti, Mr. Sylvester & Mrs. Delaney Oct 8: Mrs. Delaney stated the Fall Festival was a great turn out and all went well. Expense sheet reflects a total of $3,488.92 spent.

Garage Sale Weekend- Mrs. Delaney- October 15 & 16: none at this time. Will need a chairperson for 2023

Summer Camp- Mrs. Tosti- None at this time. Mrs. Rumsey stated to Mrs. Tosti Mr. Barta showed concern regarding a camp counselor not having a background check done and that counselors 18yrs+ should be notified early to get background checks. Mrs. Tosti stated she will reach out to Mr. Barta.

County/State Fair- None at this time will need a chairperson for 2023

Holiday Decorating Contests- Mr. Reilly- Halloween: 7 Applications were received. It was agreed the categories were not able to be applied to winners. With that, 3 Winners were chosen without category specific. Cedar Drive, Old Foundry Road and Mt. Holly Road.Mrs. Gardner will send thank you cards for participating and Gift cards to the winners.

Motion by Mrs. Delaney Second by Mrs. Tosti to reimburse Mrs. Gardner $75 for gift cards. A vote was taken all are in favor.

Tree Lighting- Board- Dec 2 with a snow date of Dec 3. Need volunteers for set up, clean up and throughout. Mrs. Tosti ask Mr. Reilly about the use of a photo booth and he said yes. Decorations in the POD at Townhall, Santa is ready, will look into a new chair for Santa, Check with Mr. Raff for Lights in working order and switch to tree operating properly.

Mr. Carovillano made a motion not to exceed $350 for refreshments for the Tree Lighting. Second by Mrs. Richardson. A vote was taken and all are in favor.

Field and Pavilion Use Applications/Approvals/Scheduling- Mrs. Tosti- none at this time

Field Maintenance- Mr. Sylvester and Mr. Reilly – Mr. Sylvester stated he spoke with Mr. Raff, who is preparing the paving improvements for the Capital Plan that was approved last year for paving was put off due to costs. Mr. Raff will submit recommendations to the Recreation Commission for review for the Recreation Commission to review and recommend to the Township Committee for approval for paving at Stillwater and Veterans Parks including striping for more controlled parking. Also a recommendation for 2023 Turf Management as Mr. Sylvester discussed with Farmside and Mr. Raff to perform aeration and overseeding at Stillwater and Volunteer Parks in addition to Veterans. Initially for 2022 a 3 year rotation was put in place for aeration and overseeding at Veterans and the cost to add the 2 other parks in 2023 would be equal or less than (and additional) to the management on Veterans. Mr. Raff will present this for the Recreation December Meeting and the Recreation Commission will need to discuss and ask Josh for the recommendation for Turf management changes for DPW Budget 2023. Mrs. Delaney stated all the fields need to be continued to be maintained and there has been positive feedback from the people and leagues using the fields.

Mrs. Delaney made a motion to recommend to Mr. Raff adding crabgrass preventer, overseeding and aeration to Stillwater and Volunteer Parks in addition to Veterans in the DPW budget for 2023. Mr. Sylvester Second. A vote was taken and all are in favor.

Capital Plan Park maintenance request for 100 tons of clay for 2022. 45 tons were delivered and the DPW budget did not allow for an additional 45 tons. Mr. Sylvester discussed and asked the Commission thoughts on utilizing unexpended funds from 2022 Recreation Budget to purchase 45 tons of clay to be delivered and as per Mr. Raff, the DPW will loosely spread before snowfall. Figures as per updated quote from Mr. Raff shows 45 tons would not exceed $3000. Mrs. Delaney confirmed with Mrs. Rumsey any unused funds from the budget will be put into the Town’s General Account for 2023.

Mrs. Delaney made a motion to order 45 tons of clay not to exceed $3000. Mr. Sylvester Second. A vote was taken and all are in favor.

Community Center Activities– Mrs. Tosti/Mrs. Richardson / Mrs. Minervino: Mrs. Delaney thanked Mrs. Richardson for all her hard work with the Halloween Event/Game night. Mrs. Richardson stated 38+ Seniors attended. There will be no November Event and will have a Christmas Tea Saturday December 10 from 2-4pm because the seniors do not want to be out in the dark. Mrs. Tosti attended the Hampton Recreation/Senior Meeting and they offered reimbursement for Events that Hampton Twp Seniors attend. Mrs. Tosti will speak with CFO Mrs. Leonard to work out billing/invoice details.

Mrs. Minervino stated 29 RSVP’s were received for the Veteran’s Social Saturday November 12 at 2pm. Ms. Minervino’s father, from Bayonne, NJ, will be a special guest speaker and talk about the War Museum in Bayonne and Honesdale Tours. There will be raffles, currently 6. Swartswood Deli gave coffee coupons, quilts donated along with other baskets/treats. Friday 4pm will be set up.

Plant Exchange/Educational Activities– none at this time. Chairperson(s) needed from the Recreation Commission to work with 2 Resident volunteers.

Grant Purchase List Mr. Sylvester/Mrs. Tosti – Remaining balance on grant is $19,070.74. Mr. Sylvester requested an updated quote from the fencing company. Mrs. Tosti has reached out and no response currently for update and color of fencing and options available.

Old Business

Equipment Wish List 2023: Will work on to present in budget discussion. Combo Drag, Pickleball Court at Veterans with needed net/equipment once parking lot is paved. Mr. Sylvester stated Mr. Raff confirmed the broken bench is not repairable and will be used for parts. Mr. Sylvester will contact Mr. Ragazzo to have Volunteer Field equipment stored off the field for the winter and recommend net removal to avoid damage. Mr. Sylvester will make sure the equipment purchased by Stillwater Recreation will be labeled.

Veteran’s, Stillwater & Volunteer Parks: (see field maintenance) Quotes for paving the parking lots from Mr. Raff with use of the 2018 Ordinance funds. Mr. Sylvester and Mr. Carovillano will perform an end of season cleanup/inventory of equipment and securely store the drag for the winter. Mr. Raff will remove the broken bench from Volunteer Field and use as parts.

New Business

Mailing Insert for July 2023 Tax Bills: Event List from Recreation Commission for Annual events will be submitted to the new Tax Collector Terry Beshada. Mrs. Tsadilas asked when a meeting to make the dates will take place. Mrs. Delaney stated mailing does not go out until July and it will be somewhat generic just mentioning events that happen and approximate dates.

Mrs. Danielle Wunder was introduced to the Recreation Commission. Mrs. Danielle Wunder would like to get more involved in the community and feels this is a good opportunity to do so. Recreation Positions: Board 2023, Recreation Secretary for 2023 applicant Danielle Wunder was introduced.

Mr. Sylvester made a motion to Recommend the Township Committee appoint Mrs. Danielle Wunder to the Recreation Commission as Secretary for 2023. Second by Mrs. Tosti. A vote was taken and all are in favor.

Mrs. Delaney stated to start thinking about Board Positions for 2023. Chair and Vice-chair.

Budget 2023 Review for December Meeting: Mrs. Gardner provided a current budget to review and make necessary changes for 2023 and current budget used to date provided by the Township CFO, Mrs. Leonard. Mrs. Gardner will submit the changes/requested additions for the Budget to Mrs. Leonard and ask about spending funds remaining in 2022 budget.

Open Public Session II: The meeting was opened to the public at 8:26 pm, Public Session was closed at 8:30 pm

Mr. Reilly noted safety concern for children and families using Volunteer Field having to park on the roads due to the Nelson trucks parked in the parking lot. Mrs. Rumsey stated to contact Mr. Raff and he will have the trucks moved when games are scheduled.

Committee Member Comments – None

Liaison Report- Mrs. Rumsey- Mrs. Rumsey welcomed former Recreation Member, Terry Beshada, as the new Tax Collector for Stillwater, Mrs. Rumsey is donating a christmas tree for decorating for events/holidays. Mrs. Rumsey stated estimates are being collected for new LVP flooring at the Community Center. An engineer is reviewing if an A pitch roof or flat is best. Looking into an Ice Maker. The exterminator has placed several traps inside and outside of the Community Center and is checking them daily. A group using the Community Center has used utensils and left them dirty along with the sink and stove. She will review the cameras to verify which group. The furnace has been having issues and the gauges on the tanks are not reading at the proper level causing the heat to turn off. American Rescue funds may have to be used for heat and air conditioning first. 2 DPW employees resigned, 1 is on Medical Leave, 2 Full time workers were hired along with 1 On Call hire.

Executive Session-Not at this time

Executive Session Actions-No action taken

NEXT MEETING MONDAY December 5, 2022 @ TOWN HALL 7:00pm


Motion made by Mr. Sylvester second by Mr. Carovillano to Adjourn Meeting at 8:46pm.

A voice vote was taken and all are in favor.

BILLS LIST 11/7/2022

Vendor Amount Budget Line

Septicare $355.00 porta john rentals

Tri State Rentals $244.45 fall fest/stillwater day

Gina McCabe Richardson $66.61 rec activity club

Starling Nothstine $250.00 fall fest/stillwater day

Windy Brow Farms $250.00 fall fest/stillwater day

24 INK $540.00 fall fest/stillwater day

Mountainside Stables $500.00 fall fest/stillwater day

Willan Joseph $300.00 fall fest/stillwater day

CCG Marketing Solutions $513.00 fall fest/stillwater day

Tara Tosti $129.72 fall fest/stillwater day

Total Bills: $3,148.78


Recreation Proposed 2023 Budget

Advertising $300.00

Community Events $2,500.00

Office Supplies $100.00

Porta John Rental Fees $3,300.00

Stillwater Day $5,000.00

Equipment $5,000.00

Facility Maint/Improvments $2,000.00

Holiday Decorating Contests $250.00

Miss Stillwater $1,500.00

Total $19,950.00

Recreation Secretary $3,000.00

Grand Total Budget $22,950.00


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