November 1, 2023 Special Meeting

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A SPECIAL MEETING of the Stillwater Township Committee was called to order by Mayor L. Chammings at 6:01 p.m. Mayor L. Chammings stated that this meeting is being held in compliance with the provisions of P.L. 1975, Ch. 231, Secs. 4 & 13 the Sunshine Law and that adequate notice of the meeting has been published in the New Jersey Herald as to the time, place, and date of meetings, and is posted in the usual location of posted notices in the municipal building as well as electronically on the township website and Facebook page.

ROLL CALL: Present: Committeewoman D. Delaney, Committeewoman V. Rumsey, Committeeman G. Scott, Mayor Chammings

Also Present: Township Attorney H. Vex, David Manser

FLAG SALUTE: Mayor L. Chammings led the Flag Salute.

District 3 County Committeeman John Wesley asked that public session be moved to the beginning of the meeting prior to the Township Committee voting on the business on the agenda.

A MOTION was made by Committeeman G. Scott and seconded by Mayor L. Chammings to move the public session before voting on the vacant seat.

PUBLIC SESSION (Agenda items only – 3-minute limit)


Mr. Wesley asked when the GOP Republican Party in Stillwater Township was notified that there was a vacancy.

Municipal Clerk L. Knott replied that the first way that a member of the Republican County Committee was notified was when Mr. Barta handed his letter of resignation to the Township Committee and herself at the October 3rd meeting. Committeeman G. Scott was handed that letter and is on the Republican County Committee

The next morning on October 4th, L. Knott spoke on the phone with Republican County Committee Chairperson, Arlene Fischer. Mrs. Fischer submitted a formal OPRA request for a copy of Mr. Barta’s resignation letter, the meeting minutes when available and a copy of the meeting on CD. She also noted to L. Knott that she had already started contacting the other members of the committee to plan a meeting.

Mr. Wesley asked why the post was only on the website for a day before it was taken down. Municipal Clerk L. Knott stated she put the post on the website when she was asked to, not realizing that it was already beyond the County Committee’s 15 days. She was asked to put the post on the website on October 23rd.

Township Attorney H. Vex stated that the statute clearly states that the County Committee has 15 days to submit 3 names to the Township Committee to choose from. Since they went beyond their 15 days, the Township Committee then has the opportunity to select someone of their choice within the next 15 days or 30 days total. 28 days have gone by, and the County Committee still has not submitted any names to the Township Committee. It’s not the Municipal Clerk nor the Municipal Attorney’s job to advise the Republican County Committee, they have their own legal council to advise them. The Township Committee cannot extend the time any longer because after the 30 days the governing body could lose the chance to fill the vacancy which is why they are having a meeting that evening.

Municipal Clerk L. Knott stated that about four years ago they went through the same process when a committee member resigned when they had moved away and nothing different was done.

Mr. William Morrison, who was present at the meeting via zoom, stated that he has been through a few vacancies and was on the republican county committee in the same position as Committeeman G. Scott. When a vacancy occurred, he would meet with Chairperson A. Fischer, they would come up with three names, would then poll the other committee people to see if anyone else had names to add then reach a consensus and submit three names to the township committee. The County Committee should have produced three names for the township committee within the timeframe.

Mr. Paul Mole expressed interest in the vacant position. He did not supply a resume or any documentation to the township committee.

Mrs. Kathi Draghi stated that the day that the post was up seeking residents interested in being on the township committee, she shared it to the Stillwater NJ Facebook page however no one really responded. She expressed concern for the township committee and lack of community participation.




Mayor L. Chammings stated that they were presented with two names to succeed P. Barta; Mr. David Manser and Mr. Paul Mole.

A MOTION was made by Committeewoman V. Rumsey and seconded by Committeewoman D. Delaney to nominate David Manser to the Stillwater Township Committee.

No other nominations were made. There was no discussion.

ROLL CALL: Committeewoman D. Delaney; yes, Committeewoman V. Rumsey; yes, Committeeman G. Scott; yes, Mayor L. Chammings; yes.

Committeeman G. Scott wanted it noted that going forward that the County Committee needed to be better educated on these matters. He expressed that he was sorry that the time limit had run out, that it would have been great to have had more time to seek out more volunteers to be on the committee. He stated it’s very hard being on a Township Committee; there are a lot of time commitments, time away from family, various meetings. It takes a lot for a person to come forward. He’s always hoped that the younger generation would get more involved, even just to be participating at the meetings. He wished D. Manser the best on the Town Committee.

OATH OF OFFICE- David Manser

Municipal Clerk L. Knott administered the Oath of Office to David Manser to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term which expires 12/31/2024.

BILLS LIST #18 $ 106,176.40


WHEREAS, the Chief Financial Officer has certified that funds are available in the proper account; and

WHEREAS, the Chief Financial Officer has approved payment upon certification from

the Township Department Heads that the goods and/or services have been rendered to the


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Committee of the Township of Stillwater that the current bill lists, dated November 1, 2023, are on file and available for public inspection in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and approved by the Chief Financial Officer for payment, be paid.

Mayor L. Chammings noted that the construction official had his final inspection done on the roof recently. He stated that before the last payment to the roofers to make sure that they get the paperwork back for the 30-year warranty.

A MOTION was made by Committeeman G. Scott and seconded by Committeewoman V. Rumsey to adopt Resolution 2023-195.

ROLL CALL: Committeewoman D. Delaney; yes, Committeewoman V. Rumsey; yes, Committeeman G. Scott; yes, Committeeman D. Manser; abstained, Mayor L. Chammings; yes.

Motion carried with 4 affirmative and 1 abstention.

PUBLIC SESSION (any subject – 3-minute limit)


Mr. Joseph Doherty & Mrs. Kathi Draghi congratulated Committeeman D. Manser as the new member to the Township Committee.



A MOTION was made by Committeeman G. Scott and seconded by Committeeman D. Manser, with all members in favor, to adjourn the meeting at 6:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Ingles

Deputy Municipal Clerk


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