November 1, 2021 Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on November 1, 2021 at 7:07 pm at the Townhall. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman Dawn Delaney with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.


Members Present: Mrs. Beshada, Mrs. Stark, Lou Sylvester, Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Delaney

Alternates Present: Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. McCabe-Richardson

Members Absent/Excused: Ms. Hess

Members Tardy: Tim Reilly

Public Attendees: Deborah Drumm

Liaison Mr. Scott absent / Mayor Chammings attended in place of Mr. Scott’s absence

Zoom Option was used at this meeting. Zoom Link


Motion by Mrs. Beshada, second by Mrs. Tosti that the Minutes of the October 4, 2021 meeting be approved. Mr. Sylvester Abstain, Mrs. Stark Abstain. Motion carried (Mrs. Gardner Voted in place of Ms. Hess)

Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Mrs. Tosti that the Workshop Minutes of the October 18, 2021 meeting be approved. Mr. Sylvester Abstain. Motion carried (Mrs. Gardner Voted in place of Ms. Hess) *Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Tosti agree with Capital Budget Proposed, but for the record, disagree with Veterans Park as first for paving and think Stillwater Park should be first.


  1. The following bills were presented –
    1. Septicare (NOV) $265.00

Motion by Mrs. Tosti, second by Mrs. Stark that the Bills be approved funds permitting. Mr. Reilly Abstain. Motion carried


OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:14 pm – 7:35 pm

(Sub Committees #3 Stillwater Day)

Deborah Drumm from Stillwater Historical Society spoke about Recreation and The Historical Society partnering up with a Fall Festival Sponsored by both Stillwater Recreation and Historical Society. Mrs. Drumm reported on the Fall Festival October 9, 2021 being the biggest success that the Historical Society had in 15 years and they raised over $10,000. Stillwater Township Bicentennial is coming up (200 Year Celebration in 2025) Mayor Chammings would like to see Recreation and Historical Society having a working relationship again. Ms. Drumm thanked Mr. Sylvester with being so helpful with getting the Grist Mill open and photos. and Mrs. Delaney and discussed some questions to reach out to residents.

A rough draft of what they are looking for the questionnaire to say with write in responses:

**Stillwater will be celebrating its 200 Year Anniversary in 2025 We would like your input.

  1. Why did you move to Stillwater? Born here or liked the area and moved here.
  2. Did you attend the 2021 Fall Festival?
  3. Are you interested in local history?
  4. What activities/festivities would you like to see happen?
  5. Do you have any special talents you would like to share?
  6. Would you like to join or be a part of the Recreation Commission or Historical Society?
  7. Have you ever been to the Historical Stillwater Academy?

Please tell us the best way to contact you. Phone/Email/Mail**

A mass email or mailing to residents to get this out. Mrs. Delaney would like to spend more time getting it out there. Mrs. Tosti offered the summer camp list and to note: that we are looking for a way to communicate our Town Activites so please leave best form of contact. Mrs. Delaney has the garage sale list. Mr. Sylvester recommended using a google type survey to those who have provided email lists and getting out in the tax bill. Mrs. Gardner will type up a quick Resident Information sheet to get the ball rolling and leave at Voting Polls. Mr. Sylvester also commented about putting something out to continually try and promote visiting the Stillwater Twp Website, get in school newsletters (using a link) Ms. Drumm also discussed welcome baskets to new residents.

Mrs. Delaney, Mayor Chammings and Recreation Commission all thanked Deborah Drumm for coming to our meeting and wanting to work with the Recreation Commission.

Motion by Mr. Sylvester for Rec to move forward with Historical Society for combining Stillwater Day and the Fall Festival. Second by Mrs. Beshada. Motion Carried.



1. Clean Up Day Fall 2021- None

2. Miss Stillwater– Looking to do in May at the Community Center/Separate from Stillwater Day

3. Stillwater Day – Looking to combine with Fall Fest (see open public session)

4. Garage Sale Weekend- 2 dates Spring/Fall or 1 date Spring OR Fall. Mr. Sylvester added to consider combining with Fall Fest/Stillwater Day to increase Foot Traffic.

5. Summer Camp – None

6. County/State Fair – None

7. Decorating Contests– Mr. Reilly: Winners for Halloween Decorating Contest are:

Scariest: 931 Cedar Drive (Ellis Family)

Most Creative: 985 Old Foundry Road (Dutzi Family)

Most Interactive: 948 Mt Holly Road (King/Dell Family)

Mr. Reilly stated he would also like to have Certificates of Recognition sent to remaining homes that participated. Mrs. Gardner will make and send out. Mrs. Tosti and Mrs. Richardson will pick up gift cards and drop off at Townhall.

8. Tree Lighting – Recreation Board: Friday December 10, 2021 6-8pm Snow Date Saturday December 11, 2021 6-8pm. Mrs. Delaney is currently working on the FB Banner. No sub-committee for this Event. All Board Members will participate. Mr. Reilly suggested reaching out to Historical Society to join also.

9. Field Use / Scheduling-Fall- None

10. Field Maintenance – Mrs. Delaney/Mr. Scott: Farmside turf application performed fertilizer application with the understanding able to play on fields after application dries. Flags put on fields after application stated pesticide. Recommend additional signage (as seen on other fields) stating Fields accessible when dry. Mrs. Gardner contacted Alcar (line installer) and left several messages to request information for court maintenance. No call back from company at this time. Mrs. Gardner showed new signs for Parks 2- Fields Not Maintained Nov 1- March 31, 1- Fields and Trails Not Maintained Nov 1 and Tennis and Pickleball Use only

11. Community Center Activities – Mrs. Richardson: Senior Citizen Activity Night. **Activities are Following Current Covid Protocol** Coffee and Conversation Nov 4, 2021 6-8pm

Mrs. Gardner will make copies of flyers to put at polls for voting to spread the word.

Texas Hold ‘Em will take place Monday Nights 6-8pm

Cleaning Company started last week. Mrs. Gardner mentioned something will be needed

to keep garbage in to hold throughout the week before being able to be picked up from DPW.



  1. Field & Pavilion Use Applications – Approvals, Updates: None
  2. Equipment Items Requested –Equipment ordered (batting net and mat) Mat arrived and Net is set for delivery mid-November (11/15). Soccer Goals with Nets are set to ship in November (11/10 or 11/19). Mrs. Delaney stated a lot of businesses are going out of business and this is a wide-spread issue.
  3. Veterans, Stillwater & Volunteer Parks Facility Management/Punch List- Tennis/Pickleball Court Maintenance- Still in process of finding a company to quote for cleaning/maintaining court. Mr. Sylvester stated Green Acres Funds are done. There is $56,000 in Open Space Funding, Capital Improvement (these are funds that need to be used and will not affect Tax Payers. He also spoke to the CFO about encumbering funds last year. This year after speaking to the CFO, Funds can be encumbered. Equipment at Swartswood, American Flags for Parks (except Veterans) Looking into mulch, will get number from Stillwater School for Vendor. Pricing on replacing Backstop and Yellow fence Protectors at Stillwater Park and who will be responsible for that in budget (Rec/DPW) Mr. Sylvester would like to make a recommendation to the Township Committee to make a purchase of equipment and use funds for a future purchase (encumber)

Motion by Mrs. Beshada not to exceed $4,500.00 for Equipment as Needed. Second by Mr. Sylvester Motion Carried.


  1. Grant – Update- As per State Grant Representative updated information/issuance will be released in upcoming months. Mrs. Beshada will be working on new Open Space Grant.
  2. Fall Festival Blanket Give-A-Way winner: Mrs. Tina Sugar
  3. Fall Migrant Bird Walk- Mrs. Stark- The Birds left 😊 Will discuss again next year. Native Plant Exchange and Possibly starting a House Plant exchange.
  4. 2022 Budget:

Motion by Mrs. Stark to approve budget as listed below Second by Mrs. Tosti. Motion Carried.




Budget Totals $16,600.00 to 9/30/21 $16,950.00


ADVERTISING $100.00 $279.80 $179.80 $300.00

COMMUNITY EVENTS $500.00 $595.84 $95.84 $2,000.00

EQUIPMENT $2,000.00 $7,606.77 $5,606.77 $4,000.00

FIREWORKS $4,500.00 $- $- $2,000.00


OFFICE SUPPLIES $100.00 $- $- $100.00

PORT-A-JOHN RENTAL FEES $3,000.00 $2,120.00 $- $3,300.00

STILLWATER DAY (inc. miss/little miss/mr) $6,400.00 $583.82 $- $5,000.00

total budget $16,600.00 $- $- $16,950.00


SECRETARY $2,150.00 $1,584.95 $- $2,881.00


TOTALS $18,750.00 $19,831.00



Motion by Mrs. Beshada Second by Stark to approve Fees Charged by Recreation Commission for Events until Further Notice (as below) to submit to Township Committee and CFO. Motion Carried.

Motion made by Mrs. Delaney to purchase 3 $25.00 Shop Rite Gift Cards for Decorating Contest Winners, Second by Mrs. Stark. Motion Carried.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION 9:05pm- 9:05pm:


LIAISON REPORT Mayor Chammings sat in place of Mr. Scott. Mayor Chammings complimented Recreation Commission for doing a great job with the Budget and within the Community (Fall Festival and Events) She stated, People notice that. Township Committee accepted the Resignations of Alicia Gardner for Environmental Commission Secretary and Jeff Gardner for Recycling Coordinator both to end 12/31/2021. On Agenda for TC next month is Amending an Ordinance to change the age with weight limit on vehicles and with proper training for Fire/EMS and DPW. Radio equipment for 1st responders and DPW purchase through American Rescue Grant. New revised Community Center Use Form effective January 1, 2022 with Fees will remain for Stillwater Residents/ Non-Profits. Lighting situation at Veterans has been handles. Some refreshing needs to be addressed as to making sure amendments and ordinances and codes are matching and correct. Mrs. Delaney thanked Mayor Chammings for having Faith in the Recreation Commission.

Mayor Chammings shared Condolences with Mr. Reilly on his Father’s passing and The Rec Commission also shared their Condolences.


ADJOURNMENT – There being no further business, motion by Mrs. Gardner, second by Mrs. Tosti to adjourn at 9:14pm. Motion Carried.

Next meeting will be at Town Hall December 6, 2021 7:00pm

Zoom Link

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Gardner


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