March 7, 2022 Regular Meeting

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Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2022

  1. Call to order

Mrs. Delaney called to order the regular meeting of the Recreation Commission at 7:01pm followed by the Open Public Meeting Statement and Flag Salute.

  1. Roll call

Mrs. Gardner conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Mrs. Beshada, Mr. Reilly, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Stark (via zoom), Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Delaney

Mr. Carovillano, Alternate 1- Absent

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Motion to approve Minutes from February 7, 2021 Meeting made by Mrs. Beshada second by Mrs. Tosti. A vote was taken and all are in favor.

  1. Payment of Bills
    1. Motion to approve $265.00 for Septicare (January) and $265.00$530.00 made by Mrs. Stark second by Mrs. Beshada. A vote was taken and all are in favor.
  2. Correspondence


  1. Open Public Session I

The meeting was opened to the public at 7:04pm, with no public wanting to speak, Public Session was closed at 7:05pm

  • Amendments to the Agenda

Mrs. Delaney asked to move Sub-Committees line 10 Field Pavilion Applications to line 1 and Mr. Reilly asked to move line 11 Field Maintenance to line 2 for discussion for the League representatives present.

  • Sub Committee Reports
  1. Pavilion Use & Field Use Application Approvals/Scheduling- Mrs. Tosti –

Motion by Mrs. Tosti to approve applications as follows: (with all paperwork in order, awaiting schedule unless otherwise noted):

  • Newton Moose Lodge Men’s Softball – Stillwater Park – April 1-July 31 Tues 5:30p-dark
  • Hampton Softball League – Veteran’s Park – April 1-June 25 Monday-Friday 5:30p-8:30p
  • Kittatinny Soccer Club (Travel) – Volunteer Field – March 14 – June 24 Will coordinate schedule with Rec Soccer (one week night practice Sat/Sun afternoon games)
  • Kittatinny Youth Lacrosse – Veteran’s Park – March 14– June 30 Mon – Fri 5:30p-8:30p Sat/Sun 9a-6pm (schedule submitted with application)
  • Kittatinny High School Development Team – Stillwater Park – April – June Mon & Wed 5:30p – 7:30p
  • Kittatinny Travel Softball – Veteran’s Park – April 1 – June 25 Mon – Fri 5:30p -8:30p

Second by Mrs. Stark. A vote was taken and all are in favor.

Mrs. Tosti Made a motion to accept the application for Kittatinny Travel Baseball as follows with contingencies of Insurance and scheduling conflict:

  • Kittatinny Travel Baseball – Stillwater Park – April 1 – June 20 M-F 5p – dark (conflict in schedule will be addressed and final schedules will be approved April Meeting) Note: Hold Harmless was submitted in place of Insurance until Insurance renewal was completed.
  1. Field Maintenance- Mr. Sylvester and Mr. Reilly –

Farmside Landscaping has Turf Management Contract. Mr. Sylvester explained to the leagues Farmside will contact him with a schedule of applications, Mr. Sylvester will contact Mrs. Tosti and Mrs. Tosti will notify the Leagues with the application schedule. This will take priority over practice/game schedules and Farmside will post MSDS DATA sheets at each entrance along with flags on field. Fields, pending field condition, will be aerated and overseeded rotating each year starting with Veteran’s Memorial Park 2022, Volunteer Park 2023 and Stillwater Park 2024. Tentative dates: March 21-31, April 18-22, remaining yet to be scheduled.

Clay (100 ton for all 3 fields) rose in price from $45/ton to $65/ton. Volunteers will be needed to help spread the clay once delivered. Mr. Sylvester asked for leagues to get volunteers to help. Backstop at Stillwater Park in need of repair/replacement, fencing not at a height to protect fans and fencing caps broken and need replacement. KLL shed will be going in at Stillwater Park near the parking lot in the area behind the basketball hoop. The Township Paving 2018 ordinance will be put toward paving parking lots, starting with Stillwater Park.



  1. Clean Up Day- Mrs. Gardner Flyer and application updated and posted. Several inquiries in addition to current list have reached out and currently 2 applications have been received. Mrs. Gardner announced information to the Non-Profit Leagues in attendance.
  2. Stillwater- Mrs. Beshada – None at this time
  3. Stillwater Day/Fall Fest- Board – Mrs. Delaney, Mrs. Drumm and Mrs. Gardner spoke regarding changes to Application Revisions to include Recreation, Logos, working on Vendor process and will meet again in March to review changes/updates and put in motion. Mr. Sylvester recommended reaching out to Stillwater School to let them know the Recreation Commission will be co-hosting in regard to Insurance and that they have a knowledge of changes occurring. Sub Committee Mrs. Delaney, Mr. Sylvester and Mrs. Gardner will attend meeting with Deborah Drumm in late March when she returns to review changes to application and confirm details with vendor fees, mailing and any communication to go out.
  4. Garage Sale Weekend- Mrs. Delaney – Mrs. Delaney sent Mrs. Gardner the application and it has been posted on the Website and Social media with date interest for fall also. (Currently 2 applications have been returned.)
  5. Summer Camp- Mrs. Tosti – None at this time
  6. County/State Fair- Mrs. Stark – None at this time Dates August 5-13, 2022
  7. Holiday Events/Contests- Mr. Reilly – Mr. Reilly thanked Mrs. Gardner for doing the Award Certificates and the Recognition Certificates for the Holiday Decorating Contest.
  8. Tree Lighting- Board – None at this time
  9. Community Center Activities- Mrs. Richardson & Mrs. Tosti- Teen Night scheduled for March 25 from 6-8:30pm. Mr. Reilly presented concerns regarding the process of scheduling and the Recreation Commission approving Activities, funding for activities and making sure there are waivers/rules in compliance and in place for all. Mr. Sylvester shared same concerns. Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Tosti were not aware they had to approach the Recreation Commission to have activities approved and will do so going forward. Mrs. Gardner let the Commission know the Clerk reached out for legal advice, (risk management and Township Attorney) was sought for the activity in question and was waiting to receive a response. Once response was received information would be shared with Commission.

Senior Activities going well, a lot of new faces at the book swap and looking forward to the Spring Fling.

  1. Plant Exchange/Educational Activities- Mrs. Stark – None at this time but looking forward to them.
  2. Old Business

Equipment Wish List Items & Location: Pitching Cage Net Installation and Batting Mat, Soccer Goals & Nets- Mrs. Gardner reported Pitching Net and Soccer Goals and Nets have not shipped yet. CFO has been following up with the Company. Current ship date is March 22.

Veteran’s/Stillwater & Volunteer Parks: Discussed in sub-committee reports

Tennis / Pickleball Court Maintenance Update – Tennis Court Maintenance- Mrs. Delaney is waiting to hear from Company’s regarding tennis court cleanings and will submit what is currently available to CFO for approval to move forward. Currently one of the 3 contacted will clean/maintain court

  1. New Business

Mailing Insert for July Tax Bills: Commission approved events and dates will be printed and mailed with tax bills in July, along with flyers for events.

Grant Purchase List for 2022- Grant Amount received $30,000. Mrs. Beshada stated all the items for purchase with the grant. Starting point as follows (not in any particular order) Gazebo, Flood/lighting at park(s), Fencing, fencing safety caps, flower/vegetable garden beds and raised beds (Community Garden), seating (benches/picnic tables) Mrs. Beshada will start checking on availability of items and visit each park to determine needs of items.

Karaoke Machine/Speaker Purchase for Community Center/Events

A motion by Mrs. Delaney to purchase a Karaoke Machine for Events not to exceed $100.00 second by Mrs. Stark. A vote was taken and all are in favor.

  1. Open Public Session II

The meeting was opened to the public at 8:49pm,

Mr. Sylvester made a motion to approve field use forms as follows:

  • NJ Co-Ed Softball League – Veteran’s Memorial Park and Stillwater Park – Tuesday

April 18-August 7 5:30-8pm

  • Stillwater Recreation Soccer League – Volunteer Field – Monday – Friday 4-7pm Saturdays 7a-1pm will coordinate with Soccer Travel League. (All paperwork is in order with a note: No schedule submitted at this time)

Second by Mrs. Stark. All in favor.

Public Session was closed at 8:51pm

  • Committee Member Comments
  • Liaison Report- Mrs. Rumsey

The BBQ pit is being removed and the Rec Commission should discuss to put the gazebo in place of the pit and the roof of the pit is in good condition and see if it is possible to reuse for Gazebo. Loves the garden bed ideas and named a few residents who would love to partake. Community Center clean-up/clean out. An ordinance will be put in place regarding what is being removed and where it goes to. Mrs. Rumsey mentioned some appliances in need of replacement, for example, the Ice machine and commercial style coffee maker. The coffee maker was presented to all in the meeting packet, Mrs. Rumsey stated the coffee pots are in good condition and can be used instead of purchasing new. On behalf of the Township Committee, she would like to thank the Recreation Commission for all the hard work and Community Activities taking place.

  • Executive Session-Not at this time
  1. Executive Session Actions-No action taken
  • Adjournment

Motion made by Mr. Sylvester second by Mrs. Tosti to Adjourn Meeting at 9:02pm. A voice vote was taken and all are in favor.


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