March 20, 2024 Regular Meeting

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Planning Board Meeting Minutes March 20, 2024

The Reorganization Meeting of the Stillwater Township Planning Board was held on the above date and was called to order by Chair Puccio at 7:30 pm.

Roll Call: Members Present:

Mrs. Puccio Mr. Pierce

Mayor Chammings Mrs. Wills

Mr. Voris Mrs. Delaney

Mr. Lippencott Members Absent: None Also Present:

The Board stood for the flag salute, and it was announced that adequate notice of this meeting had been given to the public and the press under the provisions of the “Open Public Meetings Act”, N.J.5.A 10:4-1 et. seq.


Mr. Voris made the motion to approve the Reorganization Minutes of January 17, 2024,

seconded by Mayor Chammings.

Roll Call: Mr. Voris -Yes, Mayor Chammings-Yes, Mrs. Puccio -Yes, Mr. Pierce – Abstained, Mrs. Wills -Abstained, Mr. Lippencott – Yes, Mrs. Delaney – Yes




OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: The meeting was opened to the public at 7:35. There being no public comment, the hearing was closed.


Mrs. Delaney made the motion to pay the following bills, seconded by Mr. Pierce.

Dolan & Dolan

General Matters

Nature Conservancy- 3502/1 & 3306/2.01 Vacation of Storm Water Management 3306/2.99

Vacation of Storm Water Management -Twin River Dr. Nature Conservancy- 3501/1 & 3306/2,01

Nature Conservancy- 3501/1 & 3306/2,01


$ 42.50

$ 8.00

$ 8.00


$ 85.00

Roll Call: Mrs. Delaney- Yes, Mr. Pierce -Yes, Mrs. Puccio – Yes, Mayor Chammings – Yes, Mrs. Wills – Yes, Mr. Voris – Yes, Mr. Lippencott -Abstained

OLD/NEW BUSINESS: Commercial Zoning/Economic Development

Discussion was held regarding the three commercial zones of the township – Recreational, Commercial and Neighborhood Commercial. Stillwater needs more businesses in order to increase ratables/revenue. The goal would be to revitalize existing commercial spaces, i.e. Mom and Pop type/convenience stores would be optional. Small businesses would feed off each other and create synergy. Conversations should be held with existing business owners for input.

The Board decided to continue the discussion at the April meeting with counsel present so he can advise on how to proceed moving forward.



The Environmental Commission liaison report was provided by Emily Wills.

Mayor Chammings gave updates regarding the Sussex County Ad Development Board meetings.

Discussion was held regarding the cost vs. benefit of continuing with ANJEC (Association of NJ Environmental Commissions).

Mr. Lippencott provided updates regarding the Stream Water Study Subcommittee.

The Committee Liaison Report was provided by Dawn Delaney.

The 2024 Budget was introduced and sent to the State for approval. It is $2,133,540.47 which is an approximate 17% increase.

Mr. Manzer gave an update regarding the School Bead Budget Meeting. Stillwater School will be increased by approximately $189.12 and Kittatinny Regional High School will be increased by


The committee is applying for 3 grants. Two have already been submitted and another for T­ Mobile is in the process.

The Township currently has 2 quotes for the Open Space and Recreation Plan Update –

$13,500.00 and $12,000.00 respectively. More research will be done on this subject.

The Mayor’s Report was provided by Mayor Chammings.

Moving forward with paving our parks and Community Center and hoping to get a pickleball court with grant money.



Mrs. Puccio opened the hearing to the public at 9:30pm. There being no public comment, the meeting was closed to the public.


With there being no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting with all in favor.

Penny Bai B ard Secretary March 20, 2024


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