July 6, 2020


The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on July 6, 2020 at 7:06 pm via Zoom. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman Dawn Delaney with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.

Members Present: Mrs. Connelly (late), Ms. Hess, Mr. Reilly, Mrs. Stark, Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Delaney

Alternates Present: Mrs. Beshada, Mrs. Gardner

Members Absent/Excused:


Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Mr. Reilly that the minutes of the June 1, 2020 meeting be approved. Motion carried with 1 abstention – Mrs. Stark (Note – Mrs. Beshada voted in Mrs. Connelly’s absence)


The following bills were presented – Septicare. – June $165.00. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Tosti to approve the bill. Motion carried. (Note – Mrs. Beshada voted in Mrs. Connelly’s absence)


Copies of the ads announcing our meetings on Zoom; an email that will be brought up under Field Use received from the Town regarding the Sugar Shack and concession stands; an email from the Town regarding hours of operations; several emails from Mayor Chammings regarding summer camp and the Covid-19 updates; an email from the town regarding the Covid-19 Plan for the Town Hall and DPW staff.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:13 pm – none



1. Clean Up Day – No report

2. Stillwater Day – Garden State Fireworks – There has been no contact with them. Messages were left. Mr. Sylvester asked if there was a deposit sent. The answer is no.

3. Garage Sale Weekend – We have 21 forms at this time of which 2 are not on regular forms. My concern is that they are not acknowledging the compliance with social distancing, masking, etc. Michele will email the correct form and have them complete the proper form. Also, we have the ad $59.50 ea for 2 days. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Delaney to go ahead with the ads. Motion carried. (Note – Mrs. Beshada voted in Mrs. Connelly’s absence)

4. Summer Camp – Due to the pandemic – Mrs. Tosti is willing to still hold the summer camp. She is working on locations. She spoke with the State Park and she seemed to think the pavilion would be open but no swimming would be allowed. Mrs. Tosti would prefer to have swimming. Mrs. Delaney did reach out to Paulinskill Lake Assoc. She has had no response as yet. Is there any idea as to # of registrations? Nothing has been out as of yet. Mrs. Tosti is also going to reach out to Crandon Lakes. Paulinskill would be ideal. Mr. Reilly asked if we have to submit our plan on camps? The info required is for overnight camps. The guidelines refer to indoor camps. There will be a waiver that has to be completed, temps taken, their own pens with hand sanitizer, face coverings are recommended. Include the recommendation from the CDC regarding masks. There was a lot of discussion on this. Mrs. Tosti will be in control of this and all requirements. Mr. Morville has be included in discussions regarding the “waiver of liability” for field use and perhaps it can be revamped for the summer camp. (Interjected here Mrs. Delaney brought up field use and this waiver of liability and visiting teams along with our own that are signing our forms. The visiting teams will need to have their own forms).

5. County/State Fair – There is no fair this year

6. Decorating Contests – nothing at this time

7. Tree Lighting – nothing at this time

8. Field Use / Maintenance – Clay and equipment. Question regarding the bases ordered. Mr. Scott is going to check on the second set. It was to be ordered after the last meeting. The first set has been installed. The parks were reopened on June 26. Mrs. Delaney and Mr. Scott met with the teams and all forms were in good order and they all agreed to the Waiver. So, they agreed to allow them to begin playing per CDC guidelines. The Concession stand is not to be opened, however, they can use the refrigerator to store cold drinks, etc. It is agreed to keep it closed until further notice.

9. Playground – An email was received from the Town which actually came from Mr. Morville regarding reopening of playgrounds and a notice from State regarding signage, etc. Outside areas require no disinfection, only normal cleaning. Our DPW does not clean our equipment. Sign is recommended but not listing what we do NOT do. We will look into this further. Mayor Chammings mentioned that any signage needed can be done in the Town Hall now.




  1. Field Use Applications – Mrs. Delaney has 2 –
    1. Kittatinny Little League, Stillwater Park, Mon-Sat from ASAP – Nov. 9; Weekdays 4p until dark and Sat. 8a – dark. Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Mrs. Delaney to approve. Motion carried.
    2. Sussex County Bombers – Veterans Park field – Monday, Wed., Fri. July 1 – Sept. 1 5p til dark and Sun. 9a til dark. Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Ms. Hess to approve. Motion carried.
    3. Sussex County Slow Pitch – Stillwater Park – Sundays 9a – 1p upon completion of the proper paperwork. Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Ms. Hess. Motion carried.
  2. The correct field use form is on the Stillwater Township website and it’s titled “Field Use Form 2020 Covid”. This is the ONLY application form that is to be used.
  3. Fundraising – Mrs. Gardner just checking on where our money goes that we bring in and it was mentioned just into general funds


  1. None at this time

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – 8:06 pm – none



Mr. Scott reported that the CFO is retiring at the end of the month. Tammy Leonard will now move up to that position. Town Hall is closed to the public but they are there – just call if needed. Someone will get you what you need. The Slow Pitch is playing on the field, they are wiping everything down, distancing, etc. He and Mrs. Delaney had a meeting and set guidelines and a waiver. They are working things out with other leagues regarding masks, etc. Under the circumstances, everyone is doing a great job of maintaining safety.

Re: park – if anyone wants to use it, they should wipe down themselves. DPW cannot take time to clean the playground. Wear your masks, stay safe.

Also, Sonny Mastrelli, aka “Honorary Mayor of Swartswood”, passed away.

Mayor Chammings – It’s a difficult time now. Thanks to Tara for trying to get the summer camp going. There’s 11 pages of guidelines from the State. Thanks to Lynda Knott, Clerk, who is doing a great job at keeping the website up to date. Stillwater is upto 14 cases with only 1 death so far. We are one of the best communities in the county with regards to Covid.



There being no further business, motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Sylvester to adjourn at 8:18 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Hess



Visit the Office of Emergency Management page for links and the latest information