July 1, 2019 Regular Meeting


The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on Monday, July 1, 2019 at 7:08 pm at the Stillwater Municipal Building, Stillwater, NJ. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman David Manser with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.

Members Present: Mrs. Connelly, Mrs. Delaney, Ms. Hess, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Sylvester, Mr. Manser

Alternates Present: none

Members Absent/Excused: Mrs. Degen


Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Mrs. Delaney that the minutes from the June 3, 2019 meeting be approved. Motion carried.


The following bills were presented: Newton Tropy (pageant) $ 93.00; Ronetco (pies Stillwater Day) 63.88; Ali Schutte (Miss Stillwater) $200.00; Sabrina Leonard (1st Runner Up) $50.00; Gia Lupo (Little Miss Stillwater) $ 25.00; and Dominic Pietrodangelo (Little Mr. Stillwater) $ 25.00 for a total of $ 456.88. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Manser to pay the bills. Motion carried.


Thank you letters were written to the Sheriff’s office for the use of the lights, sign, K-9 Unit and officers for security and parking; and to All Access for the set up and use of the stage. Misc. catalogs

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:14 – None

AMENDMENTS TO THE AGENDA – moved item # 9 to item # 4 to discuss the Playground


1. Clean Up Day – No report.

2. Stillwater Day – Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Connelly that we approve the amounts for the pageant winners ($200 for Miss Stillwater, $50 for runner up, $25.00 ea for Little Miss and Little Mr. Stillwater). Motion carried. Ms. Hess suggested that the Runner Up be increased to $100.00. All agreed. Mr. Sylvester wants ribbons for the pie-eating contest. There were several issues that need to be discussed for next year. Way too many cars were parked below. It is supposed to be only handicap. Vendors can come down to load and unload. We need to set a time to tear down. There were kids running around and cars all over. There was no monitoring of the gate this year. The gate should be closed and once the day begins, no movement on the fields should be happening. The field shouldn’t be used to turn around. Put up caution tape to block the emergency vehicle area. Mrs. Connelly did a GREAT job with vendors. She said that the vendors were very pleased and would come back next year. The vendors that were far away actually requested to be there. Dave took the tent down. Again, the date was discussed and decided to leave it the same 3rd Saturday in June. All over, it was a good day.

3. Garage Sale Weekend – July 20 & 21. Ms. Hess currently has 10 applications in. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Delaney to extend the date for registrations to Fri. July 12. Motion carried. Mrs. Delaney has posters. Please take some. It is currently on SECTV, all Facebook pages. Also, the signs will be up. Ms. Hess does the map and lists, Mrs. Delaney prints them (approx. 200) and they are at the Town Hall. We really need to look at our signs and think about ordering all new signs for next year. They tend to disappear and some are so old, and many have the wrong dates on them and need to have a strip put on them.


SPECIAL PRESENTATION – Scott Fenton from Playworld (a division of George Ely Associates) was present. He made a presentation showing the area discussed for the playground and the layout of the various pieces of equipment that had previously been discussed and were approved by the Town. He made color suggestions (keeping with our theme of “nature” at the park) of using Forest Green, Sand and Dark Brown. The layout will give us additional space to add future pieces, if needed. His final all inclusive quote came down and is now at $58,190.00. There were many questions for Mr. Fenton regarding timing, etc. Another item discussed was the mulch and excavation. There is no excavation. The mulch is layed on the ground with filter fabric. There is an edging that builds up the area. There will also be a handicap access into the playground. Signs were also discussed and he said there will be some supplied (included in our price) and all equipment is marked with ages, etc. We may want to look into making other signs after the installation is completed. He assured us that he could have this completed before the end of the summer (weather permitting). The equipment will be delivered on a Thur. or Fri and will be met by his installers. The installation will take place over that entire weekend and will be ready by a Mon. or Tues. latest. Since the CFO is here tonight, if Mr. Fenton gets the approval tonight, she might be able to issue him the purchase order now getting the ball rolling. Also, it was discussed that there is a possibility he has a park bench and picnic table in one of the warehouses that was left over that he could give us special pricing on and have it installed near the playground at the same time for no additional charge. Only the cost of the equipment. We will know more by the Aug. meeting for that.

Unfortunately, at the end of this presentation, Mr. Manser had to leave due to an emergency at home. Mrs. Delaney took over the meeting.

Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Delaney that we proceed with the playground. Motion carried

4. Summer Camp – the applications are on the Towns website. Aug. 12 & Aug. 19. Tara Tosti is still head counselor

5. County/State Fair – Mr. Sylvester had asked Mrs. Degen to work with Mr. Reilly. We haven’t heard from her and we don’t have another meeting before the Fair needs to be set up. Mrs. Stark offered to help on it and she and her husband are photographers. Mr. Reilly is looking forward to working on it with his kids. Mr. Sylvester sent the contact information to Mr. Reilly and Mrs. Stark to follow up and work together.

6. Decorating Contests (Halloween and Holiday) – no report

7. Tree Lighting – no report

8. Field Maintenance – Mr. Sylvester mentioned the Turf Management. The PO was issued for the Turf Mgmt. We would need to discuss what will happen with the balance of his PO since we haven’t done any of the Spring applications. Mr. Sylvester sent a message to him that the Spring items will carry over to 2020. Mr. Scott mentioned that we need to coordinate the days with Josh so he can close the fields that day. Mr. Sylvester asked about the electric. Ms. Hess mentioned that the last she knew, the gal from JCP & L is still out on medical leave. As soon as she’s back, she will be right on top of it.


1. Field Use Applications – Mr. Scott was asked about men’s softball for the Fall. Ms. Hess told him we need an application.

2. Green Acres – Mr. Sylvester – A letter was sent to the Environmental Commission was sent a letter. There has been no reply as of now. Perhaps they didn’t have their meeting which could be why they didn’t respond. Mr. Scott will find out when they meet.



1. None

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – 8:35 pm none


Mrs. Delaney mentioned that she got a Thank You from one of the judges and they mentioned that “Stillwater is a Class Act”.

Mr. Scott will request the Committee Rice one of the Recreation Commission members to the next Commission meeting. Executive Session can be moved to any point in our meeting.


Still no information on the Swartswood building – still in attorney’s hands. Glad to see the Playground moving forward. There were several complaints made re: loose dogs on Stillwater Day. Mr. Scott gave copies of the ordinance to Mr. Manser. We represent the Township as Commission members. We should be following all the rules, the same as we expect the general public to do. We are to be setting the example. Fireworks were great. We have a new lawn service (Mike Chammings). He is working on catching up. Stillwater Park is going to be hosting the “All Stars” this year. Stillwater Park still needs a flag. There was discussion on the Dog Ordinance. Ms. Hess mentioned that she contacted Fredon on how they handle the dogs, etc. A copy of the response was forwarded to each member. They basically said that the Animal Control Officer is the one that enforces it.





There being no further business, motion by Mr. Reilly, second by Mrs. Delaney to adjourn the meeting at 8:54 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Hess



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