January 8, 2024 Meeting Minutes

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January 8, 2023

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. Sylvester, Mr. Reilly, Mrs. Tsadilas, Mrs. Minervino, Mrs. Falotico, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Tosti
LIASION: Mrs. Delaney in attendance
MEMBERS ABSENT: Mrs. Richardson
Mrs. Tosti called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. with the statement that this meeting follows the Open
Public Meetings Act. Regular meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m., at the Stillwater Township Municipal Building located in Middleville, New Jersey. This meeting was held at the Stillwater Township Municipal Building. The flag was saluted and roll call taken.

The purpose of our re-organization is to appoint officers and set the meeting dates and zoom links for 2024. A schedule of our 2024 meeting dates were printed for each member of the committee for review (January 8, 2024 – January 6, 2025).

Mrs. Minervino made a motion to make a nomination to keep Mrs. Tosti as our Chairperson, Mrs. Richardson as our Vice Chairperson, and Mrs. Wunder as our Secretary, seconded by Mr. Sylvester. There were no other nominations for the positions.
Roll Call Vote: Mr. Sylvester, yes, Mr. Reilly, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, yes, Mrs. Tosti, abstain

Mr. Sylvester made a motion to approve our 2024 meeting dates, seconded by Mr. Reilly.
Roll Call Vote: Mr. Sylvester, yes, Mr. Reilly, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, abstain, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
Mrs. Tsadilas made a motion to approve the minutes from the December 4, 2023, meeting pending a correction to be made before public posting (Mrs. Wunder needed clarification from Mr. Sylvester regarding pickleball courts), seconded by Mrs. Martin.
Roll Call Vote: Mr. Sylvester, yes, Mr. Reilly, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Payment of Bills:
Mr. Sylvester made a motion to approve the payment of the following bills totaling $3,451.82, seconded by Mrs. Falotico.
Roll Call Vote: Mr. Sylvester, yes, Mr. Reilly, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, abstain, Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Lakeland Bus Lines (NYC Bus Trip) – $1,450.00
Tri-State Rentals (Vendor Fair) – $16.00
Shop Rite (Tree Lighting) – $31.77
Amazon (Community Center Supplies) – $135.56
Gannet LocaliQ (October Garage Sale Advertisement) – $282.75
Shop Rite (Tree Lighting) – $212.22
Shop Rite (Senior Tea) – $147.90
Amazon (Commercial Food Pastry Pizza Warmer) – $176.99
Amazon (Commercial Cotton Candy Machine w/ Cart) – $179.99
Amazon (Projection Screen) – $168.99
Amazon (Recreation Supplies) – $441.87
Tara Tosti (Reimbursement) – $49.60
Maureen Tsadilas (Reimbursement) – $31.74
Mengo’s Pizza (Senior Tea) – $63.04

Most of these items were “wish list” items from funds we did not utilize in 2024 – Thank you to our CFO for getting these ordered. Mr. Sylvester mentioned that we should start reviewing our budget regularly throughout the year to ensure we are not losing funds at the year-end that may be needed for events/supplies.
No updates.

Open Public Session – Agenda Items Only:
The meeting was opened to the public at 7:34 p.m. No one from the public wished to speak. The meeting was closed to the public at 7:34 p.m.

Amendments to the Agenda:
There were no amendments made to the agenda.

Old Business:
No old business to report.

New Business:

Discussion of Events for 2024 –
This will be moved to our February meeting due to Mrs. Tosti not having the list on hand.

Purchased Items from 2023 Report –
Already done in Payment of Bills section (Wish List Items fulfilled)

Sub-Committee Reports:

Clean Up Day – Mrs. Tosti
Date is set for 4/20/2024.

Miss Stillwater, Little Miss and Mr. Stillwater – Chairperson to be determined
It was noted that Mrs. Minervino did an amazing job organizing the event binder – the binder with help navigate the chairperson of the event from start to finish.

Stillwater Day/Fall Festival – Sub Committee for 2023 Mrs. Tosti/Mrs. Richardson (Mrs. Minervino/Mrs. Falotico as needed)

This was a continuation of discussion from our November and December meeting on whether we would be bringing Stillwater Day back. Stillwater Day was always “our” event. Unfortunately, due to covid, we had to temporarily stop hosting this event. In place of, we joined forces with the Historical Society to aid in their Fall Festival. If we choose to reintroduce Stillwater Day, we will be unable to participate in Fall Festival in the same capacity. All members agreed that we would like to stay connected in helping with the Fall Festival.

Mrs. Tosti made a motion to move forward with hosting Stillwater Day 2024, seconded by Mrs. Minvervino.
Roll Call Vote: Mr. Sylvester, yes, Mr. Reilly, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, no, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Date to be determined. June 1st (rain date 2nd) and June 8th (rain date 9th) were discussed. Location to be determined (Veteran’s and Stillwater School were discussed). No fireworks but may be able to end the event with a movie night. A lengthy discussion took place regarding the pros and cons of date and location options. Mrs. Delaney recommended utilizing Workshop meetings from February to May to ensure proper planning is executed and deadlines are met.

Plant Exchange – Mrs. Tosti
No date set. Mr. Reilly would like to work with Mrs. Tosti on this event.

Garage Sale Weekend – Mrs. Wunder
Date is set for 5/18/2024 & 5/19/2024.

Summer Camp – Mrs. Tosti
The week of 8/12/2024 and the week of 8/19/2024 have been set for Summer Camp.

Sussex County Day – Mrs. Richardson
No updates.

Decorating Contests (Holiday) – Mr. Reilly
Mr. Reilly noted there were five contestants. The committee reviewed photos taken by Mr. Reilly. There were three categories – Most Traditional, Interactive, and Elegant. No one submitted applications for the “elegant” category, so only two winners were chosen (one for most traditional and one for interactive). Winners will be posted. Mrs. Tosti will forward to our secretary the names and addresses of the winners so prizes can be mailed.

Mrs. Wunder mentioned that the CFO inquired about 2023 gift cards for contest winners. These need to be purchased asap for budget purposes. Mrs. Tosti said she will do so and reach out to our CFO as well.

Tree Lighting
12/1/2023 Snow Date: 12/2/2023
Mrs. Tosti wanted to thank everyone who came and helped put together and execute this event. From the meeting on November 20th (planning details and activities) to the event day/evening. Although the rain was not ideal, the event was a success. Mr. Carovillano made a suggestion for next year – walkway lighting or something of that nature as it is difficult to see (especially before the tree is lit). Another suggestion was blocking off the first few parking spaces near the door to lessen congestion when entering or leaving the building. Mrs. Tosti noted that for Letters to Santa, we need to make sure parents put their addresses on the letters. Mrs. Tosti will be sending a thank you to Lilly Richardson for her contribution of artistic ability on the beautiful hand painted photo cutout – the attention to detail was impeccable!

Egg Hunt – Mrs. Falotico/Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Falotico reached out to Bill Hughes regarding dates. Date is set for 3/23/2024 (rain date 3/24/2024). Although it was noon last year, 1:00 p.m. is preferred for this year.

Field/Pavilion Application Approvals, Scheduling – Mrs. Tosti
Mrs. Tosti will be reaching out to teams to request their attendance at our February meeting.

Field Maintenance – Mr. Sylvester/Mr. Carovillano
Mr. Sylvester put together a proposed 2024 Capital/Maintenance/Equipment Plan for Stillwater Parks, which was passed along to our CFO, Clerk, and Liaison. Our CFO passed the proposal along to DPW as well since our December meeting.

Mrs. Tosti reached out to soccer again to move the nets on Volunteer Field. This field is also a medivac field. If the nets are not moved, they are in the way and may be damaged. This is best done before the ground freezes to further eliminate any damage the elements can do to the nets.

Community Center Activities:

Senior Citizen Christmas Tea – Mrs. Richardson
There were 60+ seniors in attendance. Mrs. Tosti thanked Mrs. Minervino for her donations, Mrs. Tsadilas for her craft table, Mr. Reilly for his girls’ help, and Mrs. Tosti’s own son and niece for their help. There was laughter and positive energy all around. There were some new faces, which was so nice to see.

Educational Activities:

Toys for Tots – Steve Ackerman/Mrs. Minervino
Great event. Mrs. Minervino will be sending thank you cards to all the businesses that allowed donations boxes to be placed on their premises. Mrs. Minervino noted that the donation box placed at Boomer’s had been filled. A second box was placed at Boomer’s that was also filled – thank you for your generosity! Mrs. Minervino thanked everyone who donated, especially to the local family in need.

Bus Trip – Mr. Reilly
Christmas in the City
The ability to plan your own itinerary was much preferred. One woman thanked Mr. Reilly and Mrs. Tosti. She used this bus trip as a means to drop someone off to her son (who lives in the city). She is afraid to drive into the city, so without this bus trip being set she would have been unable to do the drop off. She said it was a “Christmas Miracle.” Attendees were hopeful this would become an annual event.

Our first casino trip is set for 2/17/2024 at Windcreek Casino. The bus will pick up at 9:30/9:45 a.m. and drop off at 6:30 p.m. Location of pick up/drop off to be determined. Mrs. Tosti will check the Community Center schedule. If there is an event that day, parking will be an issue. Town Hall is an option. The bus trip costs $32.00 with a $25.00 voucher to gamble. If you are not a gambler, there is also a mini mall for shopping and the Steel Stacks. A member questioned what happens if trip must be canceled due to inclement weather. Mr. Reilly said he spoke to the bus company and they said as long as they’re not the ones canceling the trip, the trip is on. However, they did said with some notice they may be able to cancel with no penalties. Flyers will be posted asap.

Discussion took place on possible sporting event bus trips. This will be considered and further discussed at a later date.

Veteran’s Event – Mrs. Minervino
No updates.

Pop Up Vendor Fair – Mrs. Tosti
Approximately 30 vendors. It was a huge success and very well received. Mrs. Tosti and Mr. Reilly discussed the possibility of doing another one in the warmer weather outside.

Cookie Exchange –
The exchange was a success. It was a nice compliment to the vendor fair as those dropping off and picking up chose to stay and support our local vendors.

Trunk or Treat – Mrs. Falotico/Mrs. Martin
No updates.

Sheriff’s Office – Mrs. Minervino
At Home Burglary Awareness Prevention
Emergency Preparedness for your Home
Project Life Safety Program

All three topics were of interest when these events were brought to our attention in 2023. Mrs. Minervino will be in contact with Hilary Manser to request a “safety series” offered over course of X amount of weeks (where the topics are similar in nature, but offer different avenues of safety) where residents are free to come to all or just some of the events that apply best to them.

Water Safety Fair – Mrs. Tsadilas
Swartswood Park offered 5/11/2024 or 5/18/2024. Fairvew Lake offered 5/5/2024 – they would like to host the water safety fair with us. Mrs. Tsadilas and Mrs. Tosti had a meeting with them and Mrs. Tsadilas was able to scope the grounds out. We will be able to sell concessions there as well. This opens up another partnership. They will advertise at their large events – very helpful for attendance! Plus, it is nice exposure Fairview Lake as many of our residents do not know it is there (it’s a hidden gem).

Mrs. Tosti made a motion to move The Water Safety Fair from Swartswood State Park to Fairview Lake with a tentative date of 5/5/2024, seconded by Mrs. Martin.
Roll Call Vote: Mr. Reilly, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas, yes, Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, yes, Mrs. Tosti, yes

Open Public Session:
The meeting was opened to the public at 9:10 p.m.

Mrs. Martin –
Mrs. Martin mentioned two Historical Event dates in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts:
Yuletide Stroll 12/15/2024
Fall Festival (Columbus Day Weekend)

2024 Fees –
Mrs. Tosti made a motion to potentially charge up to $50.00 in vendor fees for future events, seconded by Mrs. Tsadilas.
A vote was taken, and all were in favor.

Summer Camp and Garage Sale Day fee will remain the same for 2024.

Public session was closed at 9:20 p.m.

Committee Member Comments:
No committee member comments.

Liaison Report – Mrs. Delaney
– Township Committee Budget Meeting 1/27/2024 at Town Hall
– Community Center deposit may be increasing due to the state on which the center has been left after private parties. $250.00 deposit may be required but could be more. A cleaning service quote will need to be obtained to determine whether or not the price will increase. This should be decided by our next meeting as it is still under discussion.

Executive Session/Session Actions:

Mrs. Tosti made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:21 p.m., seconded by Mrs. Tsadilas. A vote was taken, and all were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

Danielle Wunder, Secretary

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