January 7, 2019 Regular Meeting



The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on Monday, January 7, 2019 at 7:11 pm at the Stillwater Municipal Building, Stillwater, NJ. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman David Manser with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.

Members Present: Mrs. Degen, Mrs. Delaney, Ms. Hess, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Sylvester, Mr. Manser

Alternates Present: Mrs. Stark, Mrs. Davenport

Members Absent/Excused: Mrs. Connelly

In the absence of Mrs. Connelly, 1st Alternate, Mrs. Stark sat in.


Motion by Mr. Manser, seconded by Mr. Sylvester, that the minutes from the December 3, 2018 meeting be approved. Motion carried with the following abstentions – Mrs. Degen, Mr. Reilly and Mrs. Stark


The following bills were presented – Septicare – Nov. $265.00; Michele Hess (gift cards for deco. contests and candy canes) $ 189.52; Ronetco (ShopRite) for tree lighting – $ 141.51 for a total of $596.03 Motion by Mrs. Delaney, second by Mr. Sylvester to approve the bills. Motion carried.


Letter from Kittatinny HS regarding donating to the team that won the Championship so they can buy their Championship rings. A letter received regarding Green Acres and grants. Other items include resolutions from the Town Hall re: their meeting dates, appointments, etc.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:28 – none


Add under new business – Ms. Hess is adding the letter from KRHS


1. Clean Up Day – no report – new committee will be Mr. Manser, Ms. Hess and Mr. Reilly (all members to attend that day and help)

2. Stillwater Day – All are involved – Mr. Sylvester will get the Stage and Rental Tent; Mr. Manser will install (with help) our tent; Ms. Hess and Mrs. Delaney will do the pageant; Mrs. Connelly will do vendors; Mr. Sylvester and Mrs. Connelly will work on the talent show; Ms. Hess will handle fireworks and getting the DJ company; all others to assist where needed and attend day of. More decisions as time gets closer

3. Garage Sale Weekend – Mrs. Delaney and Ms. Hess

4. Summer Camp – Ms. Hess

5. County/State Fair – Mr. Reilly and Mr. Sylvester

6. Decorating Contests (Halloween and Holiday) – There was a lot of discussion on the entries for the Holiday Decorating. Not everyone was able to get to all the houses. After consideration, it was decided that 1st place goes to 911 Newton Swartswood Rd; 2nd place goes to 931 South Shore Terrace, 3rd place to 921 Millbrook Road and Honorable Mention goes to 902 Twin River Dr. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Reilly to approve these choices. Motion carried. Ms. Hess will notify the winners and send their gift cards.

7. Tree Lighting – Many thanks to Mrs. Tosti and Mrs. Gardner for their endless help that night. Everything went super well. Mrs. Connelly did a great job of coordinating with them. Many thanks also to Santa and the Stillwater Fire Dept. as well as the DPW who put the lights on the tree (we need to have more lights for next year) – next year will be Mrs. Connelly and Mrs. Degen along with the PTO

8. Field Maintenance – DPW fixed the roof on the shed at Stillwater Park; a letter was sent to the DPW thanking them for their work this past year; the old bleachers were dismantled and the new ones will be put up later. Next year will be Mr. Reilly, Mr. Sylvester and Mr. Manser

NOTE: All new members, feel free to help on whatever committee you would like to get involved in.


1. Field Use Applications – none



1. Set up Dates

a. Clean Up Day – Saturday – April 13

b. Stillwater Day – Saturday – June 15

c. Garage Sale Weekend – July 20-21

d. Summer Camp – Weeks of Aug. 12 and Aug. 19

e. Tree Lighting – Fri. Dec. 6 with snow date of Sat. Dec. 7

Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Delaney to accept these dates. Motion carried with 1 no vote by Mr. Sylvester


2. Sub Committees set up – see above

3. There was discussion on the letter regarding the Green Acres and grants. Mr. Sylvester offered to look into it and will bring back more information.

4. Discussion was held on the letter from KRHS. A letter was read from the Fredon Rec. Commission in which they mentioned that they recommended to their Township Committee that a donation be made. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Sylvester to forward the letter from KRHS to the Town Committee to make a donation on behalf of the Township pending approvals of the attorney. Motion carried.

5. Summer Camp (date was forgotten in the above listing) – Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Manser that summer camp be held during the weeks of August 12 and August 19. Motion carried.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – 8:11 pm – 8:15pm

1. Mrs. Gardner (on behalf of herself and Mrs. Tosti) reported on the first meeting of the Activity Club held here at the Town Hall. There was a great turn out and the kids had a lot of fun. In Jan. they plan on doing Snowmen and Animal Tracks. Mrs. Tosti will put together a schedule and get it to us. Any of us are welcome to come help out. They are also working with the school to get the word out and possibly doing some of the activities there as well.



Ms. Hess welcomed the new members and looks forward to working together. She mentioned that the budget meeting will be held on Jan. 29 at 6pm if anyone is interested in attending with her.

Mr. Manser also welcomed the new members. He also thanked the Liaison, Mr. Scott, for his year or hard work and looks forward to another good year.

Mr. Sylvester is pleased to see how well run our meetings have been and looks forward to a good year.

Mrs. Delaney is looking forward to the upcoming year and everyone working together.

Mr. Reilly is excited to get involved.


Mr. Scott thanked both Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Tosti for their hard work. A really great job at the tree lighting. If they need anything, contact the Clerk, Lynda Knott. He will again be our liaison as well as the DPW liaison. Makes working together easier. He is going to work with Josh on the field use and how to get word out when it can’t be used.





There being no further business, motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Ms. Hess to meeting adjourn the meeting at 8:26 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Hess



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