January 6, 2020 Re-Organization and Regular Meeting


Re-organization  Meeting

The re-organizational meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on January 6, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the Stillwater Municipal Building, Stillwater, NJ. The meeting was called to order by Commission Secretary Michele Hess with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute. Roll call was taken

Members Present: Mrs. Delaney, Ms. Hess, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Sylvester, Mr. Manser

Alternates Present: Mrs. Stark

Members Absent: Mrs. Connelly

Purpose of this Reorganizational meeting is to appoint the new officers and set the meeting dates. Mrs. Delaney was nominated by Mr. Manser, second by Ms. Hess for Chairman. Motion carried. Ms. Hess made a motion, second by Mr. Manser to hold the V. Chairman position open until new members can be approved by the Township Committee. Motion carried. Ms. Hess was nominated by Mrs. Delaney, second by Mr. Manser for Secretary. Motion carried with one nay, Mr. Sylvester.

Meetings will be held on the 1st Monday of every month with the exception of the September meeting which is Labor Day. The meeting dates will be as follows: Jan6; Feb. 3; Mar. 2; Apr. 6; May 4; June 1; July 6; Aug. 3; Sept. 9; Oct. 5; Nov. 2; Dec. 7; Jan. 4, 2021 for Reorganization meeting. Motion by Mrs. Delaney, second by Mr. Manser to accept dates. Motion carried.

Motion by Mrs. Delany, second by Mr. Reilly to adjourn the meeting adjourned at 7:06 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michele Hess



Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on January 6, 2020 at 7:07 pm at the Stillwater Municipal Building, Stillwater, NJ. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman Dawn Delaney with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.

Members Present: Ms. Hess, Mr. Manser, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Delaney

Alternates Present: Mrs. Stark (who sat in for Mrs. Connelly)

Members Absent/Excused: Mrs. Connelly


Motion by Mrs. Delaney, second by Mr Sylvester with 2 changes. Under item # 8, it was mentioned that the port-a-john in the parking lot of Veterans was badly damaged. It appears that someone either backed into it or drove into it damaging the door. Also, under new business, it was inadvertently omitted that the motion for encumbering funds was unanimously carried. Motion carried.


The following bills were presented – Septicare. – Oct. & Nov. – $530.00; and Ms. Hess $100.00 for the decorating contests prizes. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Manser to approve the bills. Motion carried.


The only correspondence was a copy of the notice to the NJ Herald advertising our executive session for tonight.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:13 pm none



Before breaking down our sub-committees, the dates for various projects was discussed. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Delaney to approve the following dates:

April 4 (rain date April 5) – Clean Up Day

June 13 – Stillwater Day

July 18 & 19 – Garage Sale weekend

Weeks of August 10 & August 17 for summer camp (Mrs. Tosti was present and concurred with these dates)

Item # 6 – Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Reilly to approve the following winners for the Holiday Decorating – Most Elegant to 931 So. Shore Terrace (Mr. & Mrs. Williams) and Most Traditional to 953 Ridge Road. Congratulations to everyone. They were all nice.

Item # 7 – There was some discussion on the Tree Lighting and conflicts. Motion by Mrs. Delaney, second by Mr. Sylvester that we hold the tree lighting on Dec. 11 with snow date of Dec. 12. Location to be decided. We are hoping for the Swartswood Building. Motion carried.

Item # 8 – Field Use/Maintenance – Mr. Sylvester asked about Pinnacle and the aeration and seeding. Mayor Chammings had looked into this and this was done and paid. Mr. Sylvester would like a copy of the bill for our next meeting. He feels the bills need to be more specific. Also, the balance of his proposal ($1,700) should be carried forward to this year. Josh from the DPW is already obtaining price quotes.

Item # 9 – Ms. Hess wanted to clarify from last meeting since she wasn’t here and there appeared to be some questions. The purchase order that we approved for the playground was in full. We recommended holding out $10,000 from this total PO. It was done. When all the requested items were completed and everything received in the Town office, his balance was released. We did not need a new purchase order.


  1. Field Use Applications –none
  2. Budget – There was some discussion on the existing budget and whether the amounts should be moved around some but it was ultimately decided to leave it as is. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mr. Sylvester to leave it as is. Motion carried.


  1. New member recommendations – Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Ms. Hess that Mrs. Stark be recommended as a full member and that Mrs. Beshada be recommended as 1st Alternate. Motion carried.
  2. Signs for Parks – This was something that was suggested by Mr. Scott a few meetings ago and nothing has happened. The signs would say that the Parks are not maintained during the months of Oct. 1 to March 31. We thought Nov. 1 to March 31 would be more to our field use. With Mr. Scott not present, it was decided to leave it in his hands.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – 7:53 pm – 8:59 pm

Mrs. Tosti needs a field use form and certificate of Insurance. It was recommended that she apply now to get it done. If it expires prior to her needing it, they can always issue a new one at that time. The Rec. Club of the new year first meeting will be on Jan 20 at 1pm. She will make arrangements with Clerk Lynda Knott to get a key for the building that day.



Mr. Manser mentioned that there is someone busy doing burn outs and now the damage to the port-a-john at Veterans Park. Josh put up a trail cam to try to find out who is doing it and that was stolen. The Port-a-john is gone. Perhaps getting repaired. Maybe we should put it on the other side of the bridge so no one can drive into it. The town is working on this situation.

Ms. Hess mentioned that there is a bunch of trash on Saddleback hanging from the trees. She spoke with the clerk and again to Josh. He was going to look into it. As of today, it’s still there.

Mrs. Stark mentioned that Stillwater Road up to Possum Hill – someone is dumping used kitty litter in plastic bags. This will also be looked into.


Mayor Chammings mentioned that the only thing we are waiting for is the water test to come back on the Swartswood building. They are taking applications for building use. They are looking into a new building use form.




There being no further business, motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Ms. Hess to adjourn at 8:09 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Hess



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