February 4, 2019 Regular Meeting


The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on Monday, February 4. 2019 at 7:05 pm at the Stillwater Municipal Building, Stillwater, NJ. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman David Manser with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.

Members Present: Mrs. Degen, Mrs. Delaney, Ms. Hess, Mr. Sylvester, Mr. Manser

Alternates Present: Mrs. Stark, Mrs. Davenport

Members Absent/Excused: Mrs. Connelly (arrived late), Mr. Reilly

In the absence of Mr. Reilly, 1st Alternate, Mrs. Stark sat in. In the short absence of Mrs. Connelly, 2nd Alternate, Mrs. Davenport sat in.


Motion by Mr. Mr. Sylvester, second by Mrs. Delaney that the minutes from the January 7, 2019 meeting be approved. Motion carried.


The following bill was presented – NJ Herald for meetings notice $ 27.60. Motion by Mrs. Delaney, second by Mr. Manser to approve the bill. Motion carried.


Letter from Kittatinny HS regarding Project Graduation. This will be discussed further under new business. Various catalogs have been received.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:10 – none



1. Clean Up Day – Ms. Hess will update the forms and get them to Mr. Reilly to send.

2. Stillwater Day – All are involved – Ms. Hess has been in touch with the company that supplies the bounce houses, DJ, etc. They will be working up pricing. She also contacted the Fireworks company and is awaiting a response from them as well. Mr. Sylvester mentioned that he spoke with Mrs. Kinney from the State/County Fair. They will come to Stillwater Day and supply judges and all criteria for our talent show so the winners will be eligible to compete in the State/County Fair. Mrs. Alicia Gardner, 921 Millbrook Rd. spoke and talent show at the school is April 26. They will work together to get the flyer for entry done.

3. Garage Sale Weekend – no report

4. Summer Camp – no report

5. County/State Fair – no report

6. Decorating Contests (Halloween and Holiday) – no reports.

7. Tree Lighting – no report

8. Field Maintenance – the trees at Stillwater Park are gone. They will look into ones at Veterans Park. Ms. Hess mentioned that there were some very deep ruts in the grass on the left side just before the bridge. Mr. Scott will have DPW look into that.

9. Playground – Ms. Hess issued copies to everyone regarding suggested playground layouts and pricing. There was a lot of discussion on this, including whether to split it out and have various people do bits and pieces of the work or to just get one company to do it all. This discussion will continue if, and when, we can get approval from the Town Committee to go ahead. Motion by Ms. Hess, second Mrs. Connelly to add an additional $40,000.00 into the Capital Budget at our upcoming budget meeting. This motion carried with a vote of 4-3 with Mrs. Degen, Mr. Sylvester and Mr. Manser voting no.


1. Field Use Applications –

a. Stillwater Rec. Soccer League – all paperwork in order. Volunteer Field 4/20/19 – 6/20/10. Weekdays 4PM – 7PM; Weekends 8 AM – 4 PM. They work with the Kittatinny Soccer League to share the field. Motion by Mrs. Connelly, second by Mr. Sylvester to approve. Motion carried.

b. Sussex County Co-Ed Softball – All paperwork in order. Stillwater Park Tuesdays 4/23/19 – 7/30/19 6PM. Motion by Mrs. Delaney, second by Mr. Sylvester to approve. Motion carried.

c. Kittatinny Little League – Stillwater Park and Veterans Memorial Park 3/10/19 – 11/24/19 – 3pm until sundown. All paperwork in order. Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Mrs. Connelly to approve with the exception of Tuesday. Motion carried.

d. Kittatinny Youth Lacrosse Club – All paperwork in order. Veterans Memorial Park 3/11/19 – 6/9/19 – Weekdays 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM and Weekends 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Delaney to approve. Motion carried.

2. Green Acres – Mr. Sylvester is pursuing more information regarding the Handicap accessible trails and walks.



1. Action on Fees. Ms. Hess presented the following fees:

a. Blankets – $ 45.00

b. Garage Sale Day applications – $5.00

c. Stillwater Day Vendors – $ 25.00

d. Summer Camp – $ 35.00

e. Summer Camp Jr. Counselors – $ 9.00/hr; Sr. Counselor – $ 20.00/hr

Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Connelly to approve. Mrs. Gardner spoke with regards to Mrs. Tosti wanting to allow out of town children that are staying with a resident family to attend. They would be charged an increased fee. This will be discussed later with Mrs. Tosti. Motion carried.

2. Letter from KRHS regarding Project Graduation – Ms. Hess made a suggestion that we supply a Stillwater Blanket. She will pay for the blanket and donate it on behalf of the Rec. Commission. Mr. Sylvester said he would donate a $25.00 AMC Movie theater card and Mr. Manser said he will donate a gift certificate for $25.00 for Mengo’s Pizza.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – 8:24 pm – 8:26pm

1. Mrs. Gardner (on behalf of herself and Mrs. Tosti) reported that there were 5-6 children at the Jan. Club. They are not sure yet on the date for Feb. but believe it will be Feb. 20 or 27. They are awaiting approval. Once it’s approved, she will get the date to Mrs. Delaney to post on Facebook.


Mr. Manser praised the DPW for their great work during the storms.

Mr. Sylvester asked the liaison for an update on the parking lot at Veteran’s and using millings.


Mr. Scott reported that the bleachers will be put behind the garage for when we want the benches. The budget meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night for our budget. There’s been a lot of complaints about dogs being off leash at the Park and owners not picking up after their dogs. He will look into how this can be policed better. It’s on the signs but people ignore them.





There being no further business, motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Ms. Hess to meeting adjourn the meeting at 8:40 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Hess



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