February 19, 2024 Workshop Meeting Minutes

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February 19, 2023

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Minervino, Mrs. Tsadilas, Mrs. Falotico, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Richardson, and Mrs. Tosti
LIASION: Mrs. Delaney was in attendance
(Mayor Lisa Chammings was also in attendance) MEMBERS ABSENT: Mr. Carovillano and Mr. Reilly.
Mrs. Tosti called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with the statement that this meeting follows the Open
Public Meetings Act. Regular meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m., at the Stillwater Township Municipal Building located in Middleville, New Jersey. This meeting was held at the Stillwater Township Municipal Building. The flag was saluted and roll call taken.

Amendments to the Agenda:
There were no amendments made to the agenda.

Correspondence – Mrs. Richardson: None.

Stillwater Day:
6/1/2024 Rain Date: 6/2/2024

Times were discussed and set for the event.

Mr. Sylvester made a motion to set Stillwater Day 2024 as the time from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m., seconded by Mrs. Martin.
Roll Call Vote: Mr. Sylvester, yes, Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs.Tosti, yes

We will set up the stage and tent the night prior to the event. Vendors may begin to set up at 9:00 a.m. and be finished by 11:30 a.m.

After some discussion regarding the location of the event, the commission decided utilizing our own park would be best. Stillwater School and Veteran’s Field were both preferred options. The school offered convenience due to electricity, access to bathrooms, access to additional parking at the church. Veteran’s Park has a few disadvantages such as no electricity and no bathroom access besides porta johns. However, in the past we have simply ordered additional porta johns and generators. This event was also previously hosted at Veteran’s so residents are familiar with this.

Mr. Sylvester made a motion to set the location of Stillwater Day 2024 and utilize Veteran’s Field, seconded by Mrs. Richardson.
Roll Call Vote: Mr. Sylvester, yes, Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs, Tosti, yes


Miss Stillwater – Mrs. Minervino
Mrs. Minervino will be chairing the event. She has reached out to our three contacts (Township Journal, Kittatinny School, Stillwater School) to confirm willingness to post flyer. Mrs. Minervino will adjust the flyer and submit it to Mrs. Tosti for approval before posting. Two possible judges have been secured. We will still need one more. She has contacted the florist to confirm the date change – She will be in touch as the event gets closer. Mrs. Minervino mentioned how important it is to get photos of the event/winners. Mrs. Tosti will work on securing something (a horse/buggy or classic cars) to bring contestants to the stage.

Vendors/Food –
Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Delaney will combine one solid list of vendors. This can also be utilized for Fall Festival. Vendor information and vendor form will be finalized and sent to Mrs. Wunder who will send one email to all vendors. Mrs. Tosti will be the contact person for all completed vendor applications. This should ideally be sent before 3/1/2024.

Activities – Mrs. Falotico and Mrs. Tsadilas
Several activities were discussed; however, none were set. Some activities can run all day, others need to be set for a certain time.
Balloon animal making
Sack races
Face painting
Simple games (egg toss, etc.)
Field day type activities
Water balloon toss
Cookie baking contest (would need judge)
Cake walk (similar to musical chairs)
Fishing contest
Watermelon eating contest
Duck race

Bounce House/Equipment –
Mr. Sylvester will be contacting Tri-State Rentals to coordinate bounce house/equipment. Mrs. Tosti suggested getting a variety of bounce houses to incorporate younger and older children.

Other equipment discussed:
Dunk tank
DJ/Speaker/Microphone/Sound System (Rick Nauthstine has offered) – Mrs. Tosti will be in contact Generators

Shows/Programs –
Talent show (Mr. Sylvester will coordinate this event)
Other programs (Mrs. Richardson will coordinate)
Space Farms

Other –
Stage – Mr. Sylvester
Utilizing Lisa’s stage is an option; however, the condition of the stage may present an issue. Mr. Sylvester will contact All Access regardless as we can utilize both stages. Stage and tent will need to be set up the evening before.

Open Public Session:
The meeting was opened to the public

Water Safety Fair – Mrs. Tsadilas
Mrs. Tsadilas briefed on the upcoming Water Safety Fair on 5/5/2024. Still trying to secure a rain date. Donation letters are ready to be mailed and distributed. Residents are excited about the event. If funds are available, Mrs. Tsadilas would like to purchase a banner. Mrs. Delaney suggested getting dimensions and design finalized since it takes time to get banners made.

Mrs. Tosti wanted to bring to the commission’s attention that coloring books for the Water Safety Fair were purchased partially from a donation leftover from last year’s event ($192.61) and the remaining balance of $121.61 was temporarily borrowed from the Activity or Community Center Events line. This amount will be replaced with donations received for the 2024 Water Safety Fair.

Mrs. Martin made a motion not to exceed $150.00 from our Activity or Community Center Events line to cover Water Safety Fair expenses until donations are received, seconded by Mrs. Richardson.
Roll Call Vote: Mrs. Minervino, yes, Mrs. Tsadilas yes, Mrs. Falotico, yes, Mrs. Martin, yes, Mrs. Richardson, yes, Mrs.Tosti, yes

Egg Hunt – Mrs. Falotico and Mrs. Martin
Take home coloring sheets – Mrs. Tsadilas
Signage – Mrs. Tosti
Face painting – volunteers needed Volunteer Coordinator – Needed

Lisa Chammings
Lisa mentioned that our open space recreation plan needs updating. The last time this was updated was 2006. This needs to be added as an agenda item for future meetings. We need to input what we do with our recreation groups and community center. There will be one public hearing for Recreation and two for The Township Committee. These will be done July-August, September, December and adopted at the close of the year. She also mentioned that there is a budget meeting on 2/20/2024 where paving costs/quotes will be discussed. Pickle ball courts will also be discussed.

The meeting was closed to the public

Committee Member Comments:

Liaison Report:

Mrs.Tosti made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:53p.m. and all were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Danielle Wunder, Secretary

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