February 19, 2019


February 19, 2019 –Regular Meeting

A REGULAR MEETING of the Stillwater Township Committee was called to order by Mayor Chammings at 7:05 p.m. noting the meeting date, time and place were duly published in the New Jersey Herald and posted at the Town Hall and advised those present that this meeting was being held in compliance with provisions of P.L. 1975, Chapter 231, Sections 4 & 13.

Roll Call was taken and the flag was saluted.

PRESENT: Committeeman Morrison, Committeeman Gross, Deputy Mayor Scott, Committeeman Fisher, Mayor Chammings, Municipal Clerk Lynda Knott, Attorney Angelo Bolcato.


After the reading of the following Resolution to enter into Executive Session, a motion was made by Mr. Scott, seconded by Mr. Gross and carried by roll call vote to adopt the resolution permitting the Committee to go into Executive Session at 6:33 p.m.

WHEREAS, Section 8 of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 permits the exclusion of the public from a meeting under certain circumstances; and

WHEREAS, this public body is of the opinion that such circumstances presently exist.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Township Committee of the Township of Stillwater, in the County of Sussex and State of New Jersey as follows:

1. The public shall be excluded from that portion of this meeting.

2. The general nature of the subject matter to be discussed is as follows: Attorney/Client Privilege

3. As nearly as can now be ascertained, the matter or matters to be discussed at this time will be disclosed to the public when such matters are resolved.

There being no further business to attend to, a motion was made by Mr. Scott, seconded by Mr. Gross to conclude the Executive Session at 7:02 p.m., unanimously carried by roll call vote.



Regular Session Minutes: February 5, 2019

Budget Meeting Minutes: February 5, 2019

Mr. Scott made a motion to approve the minutes as listed, seconded by Mr. Gross.

Roll Call Vote: Mr. Morrison, yes, Mr. Gross, yes, Mr. Scott, yes, Mr. Fisher, yes, Mayor Chammings, yes


Zoning Officer Report for January 2019

Building Department Report for January 2019

DPW Report for January 2019

Convenience Center Report for December 2018

Mr. Scott made a motion to accept the reports as submitted, seconded by Mr. Gross.

Roll Call Vote: Mr. Morrison, yes, Mr. Gross, yes, Mr. Scott, yes, Mr. Fisher, yes, Mayor Chammings, yes

At this point in the meeting, Mayor Chammings announced the passing of fireman Mike Sugar and former Road Foreman Bill Ryker and she offered condolences to their families.

BILLS LIST #3: $729,568.81


Mr. Scott made a motion to adopt Resolution 2019-031, seconded by Mr. Morrison.

Roll Call Vote: Mr. Morrison, yes, Mr. Gross, yes, Mr. Scott, yes, Mr. Fisher, yes, Mayor Chammings, yes

AMENDMENTS TO AGENDA: Add EMS to the budget hearing.


Mayor Chammings reported the Environmental Commission met on February 11th. Resident Julia Geydoshek was present and she will be doing a bat house project at VMP to meet the community service requirements of her National Honor Society induction. The ANJEC grant project at VMP has been completed and funding has been received in full. The EC is currently reviewing the sinkhole geologic survey/map, noting the ERI may have additional information.

Planning Board meeting for February 20th has been cancelled.


At this point, this portion of the meeting was opened to the public.

Mitch Mayer, 940 West End Drive inquired about the water issue at the Mason property. Mayor Chammings stated she was at the property today and the water has slightly receded. The drainage easement will be surveyed and they will try to contact the owner of the property the drainage easement runs along for access and more information. The survey will locate the easement and provided a better feel for where it may have drained to in the past. Mr. Fisher also visited the area and he discussed the drainage easement and located the two catch basins which were both full. He located the concrete culvert across Duck Pond and tried to find another outlet if it exists, but with all the vegetation overgrowth could not. Mr. Fisher provided photos of his findings and felt trenching in the drainage easement could help alleviate the problem.

Mayor Chammings reported the telephone pole on the Mason property has been reset.

There being no further members of the public wishing to speak, this portion of the meeting was closed.


Eagle Scout Project Update:

The Eagle Scout project at the Municipal Building has been completed, with the exception of the flowers which will be planted in the spring. Benches were installed at the flagpole with a memory plaque honoring first responders and emergency personnel. Rocks were also added around the wellhead. The cost of the project was $746.00, all through donations, including the equipment to dig the holes. A proclamation will be presented to Matt Cleaver at a future Committee meeting.

Mayor Chammings reported there has been progress on both the Swartswood Fire Department and Plymouth Lake dam matters.


Open Public Session:

At this point, this portion of the meeting was opened to the public.

There being no members of the public wishing to speak, this portion of the meeting was closed.

Attorney Bolcato left the meeting at this time.


Chief Eric VanderHaeghen and Deputy Chief Steve Sugar were present on behalf of the Fire Department. The budget request was reviewed as follows:

Fire Department:

(8-a): Aid to the Fire Department shall remain the same at $35,000.

(8-b): The following line items will remain the same as 2018 unless otherwise noted:

-Flow Testing/Air Packs: $2,750 (increase $1,250)

-Hose Testing: $3,200

-Pump Testing: $1,750

-Ladder Testing: $450

-Fire Police Gear: $1,200

-Extinguisher Service: $800 (increase of $100)

-Training: $3,000

-Foam: $1,000

-Replacement Gear: $2,000

-Communications: $3,000

-Equipment: $2,000

-SCBA: $2,000

-Fire Prevention: $2,200

-Equipment Maintenance & Repair: $500 (decrease of $2,000)

First Responders:

Expenses: $5,000 (this line item will include training/AED supplies)

Vehicle Maintenance (10-c-1): Repair/Service Quotes Provided

-Rescue 2005 KME INT’L: $10,000 (increase of $2,000 for turbo repair)

-Rescue 42-72 Mack 2017 Tanker: $5,200

-42-61 1998 RD Murray: $7,300

-42-62 2003 Pierce: $7,700

-42-71 1990 Mack: $5,500

-42-81 2001 Ford E350: $2,700

LOSAP: $40,000

Capital Requests:

-New Pumper: Five year plan for 2023; specifications to follow.

A discussion was held regarding concerns with the township supporting five apparatus. It was noted equipment was lost as a result of the Swartswood Fire Department disbanding. This item will be reviewed further in the future.

-Turn Out Gear: $20,000 for five sets of gear (all turnout gear has a ten-year life span; two new members will require gear)

-Hi-Band Pagers: $3,000 (used to alert fire department members of any and all emergencies occurring in the township)

-SCBA Bottle Replacement: $8,500 (replaces SCBA bottles that are expired due to age and can no longer be used)

-Kubota RTV (enclosed cab/2 seats): $19,500 (unit will be utilized to search for missing persons and extricate injured persons in the woods; to extinguish type fires and to reach homes during natural disasters such as blizzards, hurricanes, etc. – will further research pricing through the co-op)


The budget request was reviewed as follows:

(8a): Contribution to First Aid – shall remain the same as 2018 at $20,000.

(10b): Vehicle Maintenance – shall remain the same as 2018 at $10,000.

Capital Requests:

-New Ambulance: five-year plan – $150,000; Ms. Mooney noted funding could be increased in reserve and turned over at the end of each year to an emergency vehicle reserve.

Mr. Morrison asked for a chart of outstanding bond notes and payment period of each as he felt this would be beneficial when determining future purchases.

-Rehab Trailer: $10,000 (Trailer $5,100/Equipment $4,900)

-Turnout Gear (5 sets): $4,000 – pricing required

-Radios/Pagers (5): $1,400 – pricing required

-Medical Equipment (various): $3,310

-Extrication Suits & Uniform/Duty Shirts: $3,080

At this point, Lieutenant Pat Bodensieck and Captain Shannon Bodensieck of the Rescue Squad arrived at the meeting.

-Driveway Bay Door Cement Pad: The Rescue Squad would like to revamp the garage to hold fundraisers, etc., but cannot do so until the pad is addressed. The pad can be removed and paved over or the cement can be replaced. The Committee asked for a quote for the removal only. Mr. Raff will review the matter to determine if the DPW can replace the pad. It was noted a cement pad is not necessary as the emergency vehicles are not heavy enough to require one.

Mr. Bodensieck stated the squad will split the cost of the RTV attachment needed to carry a patient out of the woods; a quote will be provided by the fire department.

Mr. Bodensieck discussed the need for a new ambulance, noting ambulance #53 has 70,000+ miles and will need to be replaced within the next four years. He is also looking into the possibility of a remount.

Ms. Mooney briefly reviewed the financial statement. A discussion was held on fully funding a purchase vs. bonding debt; and addressing township liens. Ms. Mooney offered to have Valerie Dolan, Auditor, attend a future meeting to provide additional information.

There being no further business, Mr. Gross made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 p.m., seconded by Mr. Scott. In a voice vote, all were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Wunder


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