December 6, 2021 Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on December 6, 2021 at 7:02 pm at the Townhall. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman Dawn Delaney with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.


Members Present: Mrs. Beshada, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Stark, Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Delaney

Alternates Present: Mrs. McCabe-Richardson

Members Absent/Excused:

Members Tardy: Tim Reilly

Public Attendees: Mayor Chammings

Liaison Mr. Scott

Zoom Option was used at this meeting. Zoom Link


Motion by Mrs. Tosti, second by Mrs. Beshada that the Minutes of the November 1, 2021 meeting be approved. Motion carried


  1. The following bills were presented –

Septicare $265.00, Reimbursement to Mrs. Richardson $75.00 Halloween Contest Winners, BSN Sports $418.76 (Home Plate Mat) Mill Street Designs (Blankets) {$3,362.00} $315.00 from community events Total Bills Due- $1,073.76

Motion by Mrs. Beshada, second by Mrs. Stark that the Bills be approved funds permitting. Motion carried

CORRESPONDENCE – LACE- Donated $100.00 to Recreation Activity Club (Mrs. Tosti will send a Thank You to Lace Coordinator) Mrs. Delaney received an email from Mrs. Drumm in regards to the Recreation Commission taking part in or taking over Light Up Main Street, which will be discussed in the New Year.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:09 pm – 7:09 pm



1. Clean Up Day Fall 2021- None

2. Miss Stillwater– None

3. Stillwater Day – None

4. Garage Sale Weekend- None

5. Summer Camp – None

6. County/State Fair – None

7. Decorating Contests– Mr. Reilly: 3 applications submitted currently. Flyers/Applications reposted today to update Social Media Advertising and submitted to the School Newsletter.

Mr. Reilly stated he would also like to have Certificates of Recognition sent to remaining homes that participated. Mrs. Gardner will make and send out. Mrs. Tosti and Mrs. Richardson will pick up gift cards and drop off at Townhall.

8. Tree Lighting – Recreation Board: Friday December 10, 2021 6-8pm Snow Date Saturday December 11, 2021 6-8pm. Arrive 5:15/5:30pm to start preparing hot chocolate and coffee. Industrial Coffee maker is not working. Mrs. Delaney will reach out to Mrs. Rumsey to look into getting another one.

9. Field Use / Scheduling-Fall- None

10. Field Maintenance – Mrs. Delaney/Mr. Scott: Mrs. Gardner stated after speaking to Mr. Raff, he is requesting that Recreation notify him of any concerns or recommendations that the Committee would like to be stated in Contract for lawn and turf management. Mr. Sylvester stated to communicate to Mr. Raff to communicate to Farmside, when turf application is performed in addition to hazard sign flags put on fields after application prior notification and a schedule of application and contents of applications should be communicated to the Recreation Commission. Mr. Sylvester also stated to Post a flyer of applications and contents of at each field for each application performed may help with public concerns. Mrs. Gardner relayed the statement from Mr. Raff in regards to notification. Municipalities are not like schools when it comes to notification. Mr. Sylvester stated for the record that the Recreation Commission requests to be notified with a schedule and applications with contents of applications at the time of contract agreement. Mrs. Gardner replied that Mr. Raff will be included in the email of minutes for him to review requests.

Mr. Scott mention equipment being cleared from fields for winter months. Mrs. Tosti spoke to Mr. Ragazzo (soccer), all bases are away at Veteran’s and Goal posts will need to come down, bases at Stillwater Park have to be put away.

11. Community Center Activities – Mrs. Richardson: Senior Citizen Activity Night. **Activities are Following Current Covid Protocol** Senior Tea Wednesday December 15, 2021 2-4pm (6 reserved so far), Cookie Exchange Wednesday December 15, 2021 4-6pm. Mrs. Tosti will get a flyer sent in to Townhall to advertise.



  1. Field & Pavilion Use Applications – Approvals, Updates: None
  2. Equipment Items Requested –Equipment ordered (batting net and mat) Mat arrived and Net is set for delivery 2022. Soccer Goals with Nets are set to ship in 2022
  3. Veterans, Stillwater & Volunteer Parks- Tennis/Pickleball Court Maintenance- Still waiting for a return call from Alcaro with an estimate or contact for court maintenance.


  1. Resignation of Michele Hess was regretfully accepted. Motion by Mrs. Delaney (with regrets) to accept resignation. Second by Mrs. Tosti (with regrets). Motion Carried
  2. Appointment of Alicia Gardner to Commission from Alt #1 New Expiration 12/31/22 was resolved at November TC meeting.
  3. Appointment of Gina McCabe-Richardson to Alt #1 from Alt #2 New Expiration 12/31/23 will be done by TC at January meeting.

Mr. Sylvester and Mrs. Delaney stated they would like to have letters of Recognition or Proclamations for anyone within the Township who have served terms as a volunteer or resigned to thank them for their service to our Township.

Motion by Mr. Sylvester to send a letter of Recognition to Ms. Hess from the Recreation Commission. Second by Mrs. Tosti. Motion carries with Regrets.

Motion by Mrs. Delaney to Advertise for the Alternate #2 Position Second by Mrs. Tosti. Motion Carried.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION 7:34pm- 7:34pm:


LIAISON REPORT – Mr. Scott stated it has been a pleasure to work with the Recreation Commission and thanked The Commission for all the work done. Mr. Scott wished the Recreation Commission and their Families a Healthy and Merry Christmas. Mrs. Delaney thanked Mr. Scott and wished him and Mayor Chammings a Merry Christmas. Mayor Chammings thanked Rec for all the work done and some did not know how much work Recreation is. The Commission works very hard to represent the Township and Recreation is the Face of the Township with all done within the Community, the Community Center and the Fields. Mrs. Delaney thanked the TC for working and listening to the Recreation.


ADJOURNMENT – There being no further business, motion by Mrs. Gardner, second by Mrs. Tosti to adjourn at 7:40pm. Motion Carried.

Next meeting will be at Town Hall Monday January 3, 2022 7:00pm

Zoom Link

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Gardner


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