August 3, 2020 Regular Meeting


The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on August 3, 2020 at 7:04 pm at the Stillwater Municipal Building, Stillwater, NJ and via Zoom. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman Dawn Delaney with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.

Members Present: Mrs. Connelly, Ms. Hess, Mrs. Stark, Mr. Sylvester (via zoom), Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Delaney

Alternates Present: Mrs. Beshada, Mrs. Gardner

Members Absent/Excused: Mr. Reilly


Motion by Mrs. Beshada, second by Mrs. Stark that the minutes of the July 6, 2020 meeting be approved. (Note – Mrs. Beshada voted in Mr. Reilly’s absence)


The following bills were presented – Septicare. – July $165.00 and NJ Herald advertising mtgs. Via zoom for a total of $206.70. Motion by Mrs. Stark, second by Ms. Hess to approve the bills. Motion carried. (Note – Mrs. Beshada voted in Mrs. Connelly’s absence)


Copies of the ad for Garage sale weekend, copy of ad for Aug. mtg notice, Email from Mr. Reilly about being unable to attend tonight’s meeting, copies of emails with applications to State to hold summer camp, letter from 6th grade Recognition which will move to new business for action. .

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:11 pm – none

AMENDMENTS TO THE AGENDA – Ad letter from 6th grade to New Business


1. Clean Up Day – There was an email from Tammy Leonard that in order to continue to get our Clean Communities Grant, we need to hold at least 1 Clean Up day per year. Since we didn’t have the one in the Spring due to the pandemic, we will consider one for September. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Tosti to have the date of September 26 with a rain date of September 27. Motion carried. Mrs. Connelly will get the notices out ASAP to all the groups that usually participate in hopes of getting interest for the Fall.

2. Stillwater Day – No report.

3. Garage Sale Weekend – We had 64 participants. It was a great turnout and feedback was excellent

4. Summer Camp – There was a lot of discussion on summer camp. Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Delaney, Mayor Chammings and Deputy Mayor Scott met and decided to use the Community Center. We need a certificate of approval which had been applied for by the Clerk today (email copies were in correspondence). Mrs. Tosti, in accordance with all the CDC guidelines, has compiled a list of waivers and guidelines which she handed each member a copy of and will send one to Mr. Sylvester (attending via zoom). She did a quick review with the Commission. We will need to provide the following: hand wash, sanitizer, towels, masks (for counselors; spares), thermometer, bottled water, garbage bags, road cones. The Sheriff is providing a lighted sign for crossing the street. There will be a meeting for her and staff regarding PPE training. Mrs. Tosti also would like to purchase two (2) 10’ x 10’ pop up tents and two (2) tarps – 1 heavy duty and 1 medium duty (for water activities), glue, gallon sprayer and splash pads. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Connelly to allow Mrs. Tosti to purchase the items needed not to exceed $350.00. Motion carried. We will need to get an additional port-a-potty. Also, we must be cognizant of water usage as we are in drought times. Mrs. Gardner wondered if it would be possible to do some sort of plantings as well as use the tree saplings left over from Clean Up Day. Unanimous YES.

5. County/State Fair – There is no fair this year

6. Decorating Contests – nothing at this time

7. Tree Lighting – nothing at this time

8. Field Use / Maintenance – The second set of bases has been ordered. Mr. Sylvester mentioned that the backstop at Stillwater Park is damaged.


  1. Field Use Applications – Mrs. Delaney has 2 –
    1. Kittatinny Soccer Club application in with all required forms and waivers. Volunteer Field. They work with Rec Soccer Club (appl. not in yet). Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Delaney to approve. Motion carried
  2. Fundraising – Mrs. Gardner is looking into doing a non-profit on her own. She would like to hold a garage sale selling some of the contents from the Community Center. Mayor Chammings mentioned that we would probably need a resolution from the Town to sell their property. Mrs. Delaney mentioned that we should perhaps get together to brainstorm ideas.


  1. Letter from the 6th Grade Recognition requesting insurance coverage for their 6th Grade recognition party. We did this last year, as well. The provision is that at least 1 member of the Rec. Commission must be in attendance. Motion by Mrs. Connelly, second by Mr. Sylvester to approve. Motion carried.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – 8:08 pm – Mayor Chammings spoke on behalf of a resident that would like to set up a “Pickle Ball Court” on our tennis court at Stillwater Park. It is like tennis but with a paddle. Motion by Ms. Hess, second by Mrs. Tosti to have the company that resurfaced our tennis court quote a price to add lines for Pickle Ball using different color lines making it a multi-use surface. Motion carried. Open public closed at 8:13 pm


Mr. Sylvester mentioned that Autumn Sylvester has moved into the position of County Planner. Congratulations to her.

Ms. Hess asked to have Summer Camp put up on the sign

Mrs. Tosti thanked everyone for their efforts and support of summer camp


Mr. Scott not present

Mayor Chammings – Thanks to Mrs. Tosti for all she’s done and will be doing for summer camp.

There’s a big storm due in tonight into Thursday morning. Everyone is on high alert. Please be careful.



There being no further business, motion by Mrs. Connelly, second by Mrs. Tosti to adjourn at 8:29 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Hess



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