April 4, 2022 Regular Meeting

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Recreation Commission

April 4, 2022

  1. Call to order

Mrs. Delaney called to order the regular meeting of the Recreation Commission at 7:04pm followed by the Open Public Meeting Statement and Flag Salute.

  1. Roll call

Mrs. Gardner conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Mrs. Beshada, Mrs.

Richardson, Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Tosti, Mrs. Delaney, Mr. Carovillano, Alternate 1 arrived at 7:11pm

Members Absent- Mr. Reilly, Mrs. Stark

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Motion to approve Minutes from March 7, 2022 Meeting and March 21, 2022 Workshop Meeting made by Mrs. Beshada second by Mrs. Tosti. A vote was taken and all are in favor. Mr. Sylvester Abstained Workshop Minutes.

  1. Payment of Bills – No bills
  2. Correspondence
  3. Open Public Session I
  4. The meeting was opened to the public at 7:07pm, Public Session was closed at 7:27pm
  5. Field Use Application: John Genaurdi from: Lenape Valley Soccer Club 18+. Mr. Ragazzo recommended to submit field use form to obtain a home field for games/practices. Monday nights at Volunteer Field. The Commission discussed their opinions of an outside League using the field. Mrs. Tosti will reach out to the other Teams using the field and then contact Mr. Genaurdi with results. No action was taken on this application at this time.
  6. Disk Golf: Leona Kral gave a presentation on disk golf and asked the Commission to consider setting up at Veteran’s Park a nine, disk golf setup. (Please see attached presentation) Ms. Kral also mentioned if the commission considers the setup of permanent fixtures, she and her son would be willing to reach out for sponsors as each disk golf is approximately $900 installed. A sponsorship plaque would be set up at tossing line.
  7. Amendments to the Agenda – None
  8. Sub Committee Reports
  9. Pavilion Use & Field Use Application Approvals/Scheduling- Mrs. Tosti –
  10. Mrs. Tosti will have schedule completed and will reach out to leagues via email. Mrs. Tosti will also reach out to the other 2 soccer teams to discuss the application for field use that was submitted and contact the applicant to verify a Stillwater Resident does in fact play on that Team. Mr. Sylvester in not in favor of an out-of-town league using the field. Mr. Sylvester stated Schedules subject to change with Turf management application and leagues will be given ample notice to rearrange their schedules.
  11. Field Maintenance- Mr. Sylvester and Mr. Reilly –
  12. Flags are up at Veteran’s Memorial Park. Saturday April 2, KLL & KTL performed field maintenance/prep at Veteran’s and Stillwater Park. First round of Turf management was performed.
  13. Clean Up Day- Mrs. Gardner List is completed. Following Groups will be participating:
  14. Kittatinny Little League, Kittatinny Soccer Club, Kittatinny Players Booster Club, Kittatinny Youth Football, Kittatinny Lacrosse, KRHS FBLA, Hampton Softball, GSNNJ Troop 98067, Historical Society of Stillwater Township, 6th Grade Recognition, Stillwater Twp PTA, Stillwater Education Association Philanthropic, CERT, Stillwater Recreation Activity Club.
  15. Ms. Stillwater- Mrs. Beshada

Friday May 13, 2022. Little Miss and Mr. will start at 6pm and Miss Stillwater will start at 7pm. Posters and applications are completed. Posters will be placed at Townhall, Stillwater School, KRHS and the Community Center. Applications will be put on the website, Social-Media, Townhall and Community Center. Application due May 6, 2022

  1. Stillwater Day/Fall Fest- Board – Mrs. Delaney
  2. Meeting with HSST Thurs. April 28 4:30pm at Townhall. Fire Dept will participate with food and will work out food items with Garris’ General Store. Mr. Sylvester notified the school and a facility use form, waiver and insurance will need to be submitted by the Clerk. Mr. Sylvester also spoke with Mr. Morville, who strongly recommended Vendors provide Insurance for the day and list Stillwater School, Stillwater Township and Stillwater Historical Society as additional insured. Additional Restrooms were discussed, Mrs. Gardner will reach out to Mrs. Leonard Township CFO to contact Septicare for quote on 2 Port-a-Johns from Friday after 4pm – Monday morning before 8am. Mrs. Gardner will report back.
  3. Garage Sale Weekend- Mrs. Delaney

None at this time- Mrs. Gardner reported applications/payments are coming in.

  1. Summer Camp- Mrs. Tosti –
  2. A motion was made by Mrs. Tosti to donate (2) 1-week enrollments for summer camp. Second by Mr. Sylvester. All in favor.
  3. County/State Fair- Mrs. Stark

None at this time Dates August 5-13, 2022 Due to resignation Mrs. Delaney will reach out to find out if Mrs. Stark is still interested in chairing this event.

  1. Holiday Events/Contests- Mr. Reilly – None at this time
  2. Tree Lighting- Recreation Board – None at this time
  3. Community Center Activities- Mrs. Richardson & Mrs. Tosti- Teen Night was a good turn out and looking to schedule another for May 7 from 6-8pm. Senior Activities May 19 from 6-8:30pm 50’s Dinner Dance.
  4. Plant Exchange/Educational Activities- Mrs. Stark – None at this time
  5. Old Business
  6. Equipment Wish List Items & Location: Pitching Cage Net Installation and Batting Mat, Line Machine, Rakes and Soccer Goals & Nets- Mrs. Gardner reported Pitching Net, line machine and rakes have arrived, Soccer Goals and Nets are scheduled to ship 4/5/22. CFO has been following up with the Company.
  7. Veteran’s/Stillwater & Volunteer Parks: Mrs. Gardner will put a list together from discussion and submit to Joel (Assistant DPW Supervisor) for review/discussion with Mr. Raff.
  8. Tennis / Pickleball Court Maintenance Update – Tennis Court Maintenance- Mrs. Delaney was in contact with Alcaro and power washing of the court will take place hopefully this month.
  9. New Business
  10. Mailing Insert for July Tax Bills: none at this time
  11. Grant Purchase List for 2022- Grant Amount received $30,000.
  12. A motion by Mrs. Beshada to purchase picnic tables not to exceed $11,000.00 and fencing not to exceed $18,000.00 second by Mrs. Delaney. A vote was taken and all are in favor.
  13. Mrs. Stark’s Resignation Letter-
  14. A motion by Mr. Sylvester with regret to accept resignation and requested to have Certificate of Appreciation sent to Mrs. Stark, Second by Mrs. Delaney with regret. A vote was taken all regretfully in favor.
  15. Mr. Carovillano – Alternate #1 to Board and Advertise Alternate #1 & #2 Positions
  16. A motion by Mr. Sylvester to Recommend Township Committee to move Mr. Carovillano to Board Member, Second by Mrs. Delaney. A vote was taken all are in favor.
  17. A motion by Mr. Sylvester to have Clerk advertise 2 open Alternate positions, Second by Mrs. Beshada. A vote was taken all are in favor.
  18. Open Public Session II
  19. The meeting was opened to the public at 8:35pm, no public at this time, Public Session was closed at 8:51pm
  20. Committee Member Comments
  21. Liaison Report- Mrs. Rumsey
  22. Teen night was a big success, no issues and 3 homeschooled Girls got to get out and meet kids their age which was a success in itself.
  23. Shed at the community center is going to be cleaned out and used for summer camp due to lack of storage in the closet inside.
  24. Septic at community center was pumped and the leech field is being inspected.
  25. A pickleball court can not be put in the driveway, looking into putting it in the area between the community center and church parking lot.
  26. Thank you for the coffee machine – It has been used for an event at the community center
  27. Clean up day Saturday April 9 – check in will take place at the horse arena on Ms. Chammings Property next to the recycling center. Vehicles can park by the barns and check in at the concession stand. Ms. Chammings will provide written permission.
  28. With Mrs. Beshada working on the grant with local landscapers to do the gardens around the community center Troop 83 Anthony Madeira would like to do a work drill day to plant and landscape for Beautification in Community. Mrs. Mahler and other Residents have in the past and will continue to help maintain gardens. DPW trimmed and removed select bushes in the gardens.
  29. Executive Session-Not at this time
  30. Executive Session Actions-No action taken
  31. Adjournment
  32. Motion made by Mr. Sylvester second by Mrs. Tosti to Adjourn Meeting at 8:43pm. A voice vote was taken and all are in favor.
  33. Next meeting Monday May 2, 2022 / Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87925202973


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