June 7, 2021 Regular Meeting




The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Recreation Commission was held on June 7, 2021 at 7:02 pm at Volunteer Field. The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman Dawn Delaney with the Open Public Meetings Statement and the flag salute.

Members Present: Mrs. Beshada, Mr. Reilly, Mrs. Stark, Mr. Sylvester, Mrs. Delaney

Alternates Present: Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. McCabe-Richardson

Members Absent/Excused: Ms. Hess

Members Tardy: Mrs. Tosti

Public Attendees: Robert Molinet, James Grenewicz, Robert Ragazzo, Mike Carolvillano

Liaison Mr. Scott absent, Mayor Chammings filled in.

Due to internet connection issues Zoom Option was not used at this meeting.


Motion by Mrs. Beshada, second by Mrs. Stark that the minutes of the May 3, 2021 meeting be approved. Motion carried (Mrs. Gardner Voted in place of Ms. Hess, Mrs. Richardson voted in place of Mrs. Tosti)


The following bills were presented – Septicare. – May. – $265.00; BSN Sports $1800.00 benches, Alcar Tennis Court Construction $600.00 Pickleball Lining, Dawn Delaney $52.69 Miss Stillwater Sash and Judges gifts, Alicia Gardner $96.13 Tablecloths for Miss Stillwater Pageant Motion by Mr. Sylvester, second by Mrs. Gardner with Funds available. Motion carried. (Mrs. Gardner Voted in place of Ms. Hess, Mrs. Richardson voted in place of Mrs. Tosti)


Thank you cards from PTA to Recreation Commission for 2 Gift Certificates for

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION – Agenda Items Only – 7:09 pm – 7:32 pm

Mr. Grenewicz commented on the Facebook Post in regards to the Turf Management Program Application. Mr. Sylvester discussed plan of action to communicate to public and when we get information, we will get it out. Mr. Stark requested that MSDS sheets should be made public at the fields, Townhall and Social-Media. Mr. Molinet stated his concern was that the verbiage used on the post stated fertilizer instead of pesticide/ insecticide for ticks etc. Mr. Molinet stated as a prior industry professional, the fields do not house the ticks, they are prominently in thicker brush. The ticks usually are brought to the field by birds, rodents etc. Mr. Grenewicz is looking forward to things going properly and was glad an industry professional was there to explain the difference between fertilizer and pesticides/insecticides and thanked Mr. Molinet with his recommendation of not doing a blanket application due to the active ingredient. Mr. Sylvester and Mrs. Delaney thanked Mr. Molinet and Mr. Grenewicz for attending the meeting and discussing their concerns and sharing their knowledge on the issue. Mr. Sylvester made a motion to draw up a letter to the Township Committee to notify the Recreation Commission of scheduled applications: when/where/what Second by Mrs. Gardner Motion carried.


1. Clean Up Day 2022- None at this time

2. Miss Stillwater/Stillwater Day – Ashley Geydoshek Runner up Megan Halpin- No Stillwater Day.

3. Garage Sale Weekend 7/18&19 – Ms. Hess, Mrs. Delaney, Mrs. Beshada – Currently 8 applications.

4. Summer Camp – (2) 1 Week Certificates to PTA Hard Vote – Mrs. Tosti/Ms. Hess: Mrs. Gardner thanked Mrs. Tosti, the Recreation Commission and Ms. Hess (absent) for their donations to the PTA. Mrs. Tosti stated our CFO will be working on funding from an Environmental Educational Grant and One (1) event/activity will take place each week of summer camp. Some things mentioned were reptiles, children would get backpacks and Staff will get T-shirts.

5. County/State Fair (Township Project for 2021) – Mrs. Delaney will contact Lois Kinney and Mike Richards for more information. Mrs. Stark will reach out to her contacts as well for updates.

6. Decorating Contests – Mr. Reilly: nothing at this time

7. Tree Lighting – Recreation Board: nothing at this time

8. Field Use / Scheduling- Mrs. Gardner/Mr. Sylvester: Summer and Fall application submitted by KLL, KTB and KMFL and Scheduling Document will be created and shared for Summer/Fall use with those that have been approved and with Recreation Commission and Mrs. Knott.

9. Field Maintenance – Mrs. Delaney/Mr. Scott: (Mr. Scott was not in attendance) Mrs. Delaney mentioned the DPW worked with an outside company and opened the trails significantly at Veterans and will continue on progress of cleaning it up.


  1. Field & Pavilion Use Applications – Approvals, Updates for 2022: KMFL sent letter of request to Township Committee for Lighting ordinance for field use special request for September 1- November 30 until 8:30pm Monday -Friday. Also is contacting zoning for placement of a sealed shed (non-permanent) It was recommending by Township Committee for Recreation Commission to write a letter to TC in support of KMFL requests. Mrs. Gardner will write and submit to Clerk to share with Township Committee members.
  2. Equipment Wish List Items – Bench Install Update, Pitching Cage Net – Mr. Sylvester will stencil ST on benches. Mr. Sylvester and Mr. Ragazzo discussed what nets belong to whom and Mr. Sylvester will contact CFO regarding Nets and Goals for Rec Soccer. Mr. Ragazzo will supply Mr. Sylvester with a list of supplies and equipment for purchase consideration from the catalog given to Mr. Ragazzo from Mr. Sylvester. Mrs. Gardner will get quote for new flags for fields and report next meeting.
  3. Field Maintenance- Ash Tree Removal- DPW is working on Removal and Cleanup. Mayor Chammings noted work may be placed on hold to get estimate from outside company to remove multiple trees to receive a better price from forest management.
  4. Turf Management 2021 – Township Committee – Results of Volunteer Field are noticeable with thanks to Mr. Ragazzo for his time and hard work.
  5. Pickle Ball/Tennis Court – Approved and Scheduling in process- Mrs. Delaney- Requisition is out to Mr. Pierson and he received the PO for lining the court at Swartswood, currently waiting on Mr. Pierson to set date.
  6. Community Center – Updates if any- Mrs. Gardner stated Mrs. Knott put a Calendar for use on the website. Also, at this time the Community Center will be for non-profit use until ready to open for events for public use.
  7. Parking Lot Projects – For future discussion- Mr. Sylvester asked for Township level surplus being used to pave parking lots. Mayor Chammings recommended Mr. Sylvester to contact Liaison Mr. Scott to add to the agenda for township committee for discussion. Currently the Township Committee is waiting for approval of funding for DPW backhoe, dump truck, Old Foundry Rd paving and Fire Truck.


  1. Grant – Update- Mrs. Beshada worked with Mrs. Knott on applying for a Recreation Grant and it has been completed, submitted and we should hear back by the end of June.
  2. Crosswalk at Community Center- Update- County Engineers have approved request and are hoping to have in by August for Summer Camp, but no guarantees. Mrs. Gardner stated DPW will provide cones for extra safety precautions. County will be contacted for Road signs again stating Summer Camp / Watch for children crossing.
  3. Vendor Fair at Community Center – none at this time.
  4. Fireworks for Fall Festival – Garden State Update-Ms. Hess: Ms. Hess was absent and Mr. Sylvester recommended not to do Fireworks at Fall Festival. Mr. Reilly requested to get information about whether or not a deposit is on hold for Fireworks. Price did increase for fireworks to $5,290.00. Mrs. Delaney is still waiting to hear from Ms. Hess and CFO as to whether or not a deposit was made previously and is on hold.
  5. Senior Activity Ideal- Mrs. Richardson – Bingo, functions, reading, crochet. Mr. Sylvester stated Our lady of Mt. Carmel and Kittatinny Regional HS should be contacted to help. Mrs. Tosti stated the last couple of years the children have written and sent cards to seniors.

OPEN PUBLIC SESSION 7:58 pm- 8:01 pm: Mr. Carovillano requested on behalf of KLL/KTB to have a shed placed at the Swartswood Field along the tree line to house a field groomer (3wheeler with brush attachment) The Rec members and Mayor Chammings confirmed they will need to speak to Zoning due to setbacks of placement of shed due to property on other side of tree line.


Mrs. Beshada stated our meetings will be held at the fields and Community Center over the next 3 months.


Mr. Scott was absent, Mayor Chammings reported on Turf Management that Pinnacle was not able to produce license and Certs. At this time Turf Management has been put on hold due to usage of fields and waiting to hear back from 2 other companies that were contacted.



There being no further business, motion by Mrs. Gardner, second by Mrs. Tosti to adjourn at 8:08 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Gardner



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