Suggestions for Shopping and Exercising during COVID-19

Here are some suggestions for shopping and exercising during COVID-19 from the SC Board of Health:
Essential Shopping
Should I wear gloves while grocery shopping?
Latex gloves are not recommended to wear when grocery shopping. Handwashing is recommended. Wash your hands before leaving your home, after leaving the store, and again when you get home. If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
Do you have any other safe grocery shopping tips?
• • Avoid crowds
• • Make a list and shop quickly
• • Shop alone, don’t bring the family
• • Wear a face covering
• • Sanitize carts and hands, before and after
• • Give the cashier some space or use the self-
check out
• • Choose no-touch payment when you can
• • If you are anxious about grocery shopping, select the pick-up option at your grocery store instead of going inside and doing the shopping yourself.
Exercising Outdoors
Do I need to wear a face covering while exercising outdoors?
The CDC recommends wearing a face covering in public settings where it is harder to stay away from people. If you are exercising in an area where you know you will be crossing paths with a lot of other people, you should wear a face covering. But you should also try to avoid those settings. It is recommended to find less crowded areas and avoid peak hours when others are out exercising.
Any tips about how to wear a face covering when exercising outdoors?
Wearing a face covering makes it harder to breathe when you are exercising. Don’t be afraid to slow down and take breaks. Don’t push yourself too hard. Select a face covering that is comfortable, stays in place, and covers your mouth and nose. Figure out what type of face covering works best for you when you are outdoors exercising.
Grief Support
Are there any coronavirus grief and loss support groups? .
Yes, the Atlantic Health System is hosting a Coronavirus Grief and Loss support group. To register call 862-260-3199 (option 3) for an invitation. The support group is web-based and is led by Atlantic Health behavioral health clinicians and social workers
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COVID-19 Information

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