Planning Board

Minutes of

The regular meeting of the Stillwater Township Planning Board was held via Zoom Virtual Meeting Service and was called to order by Vice Chairman Pierce at 7:30 p.m.  He led the Board in the flag salute and he announced that adequate notice of this meeting had been given to the public and the press under the provisions of the “Open Public Meetings Act”, N.J.S.A  10:4-1 et.seq.

Members Present:       Mr.   Donofrio

Ms.   Stark

Mr.   Scott

                                      Mr.   Pierce

Mr.   Branagan

Mr.   Barta

Ms.   Chammings

 Member Absent:         Ms. Puccio

Also Present:               Mr. Haggerty

Mr. Golden


Mr. Donofrio made the motion to approve the minutes of June 17, 2020.  Motion seconded by Mr. Branagan. Roll call vote:

Mr. Donofrio-Yes                           Mr.  Scott-Yes

Ms. Stark-Yes                                 Mr.  Barta-Yes

Mr.  Pierce-Yes                               Mr.  Branagan-Yes

Ms. Chammings-Yes


Vice Chairman Pierce opened the meeting up to the public.  With there being no public comment, the meeting was closed to the public.


   #20-001  Michael S. Wills & Agnes M. Toccket, Block 4308, Lots 1, 2, & 3

   Board Engineer Golden and Board Attorney Haggerty reviewed the proposed lot line adjustment.  Even though the application is on for completeness only this evening, it was determined, that the present site conditions are non-conforming and there are no variances required.

Michael Wills was present and he stated that he would prefer to have Mr. Dykstra available to present the application before proceeding. This matter will be placed on next month’s agenda.  Board Engineer Golden recommended that the application be deemed complete.  Board Attorney Haggerty stated that no notice is required.

Mr. Donofrio made the motion to deem the application complete.  Motion seconded by Mr. Barta.  Roll call vote:  

Mr. Donofrio-Yes                           Mr.  Scott-Yes

Ms. Stark-Yes                                 Mr.  Barta-Yes

Mr.  Pierce-Yes                               Mr.  Branagan-Yes

Ms. Chammings-Yes

Liaison Updates-Committee, Mayor, Board of Adjustment, and Environmental  

   Mr. Branagan, provided the Environmental Commission update, which was discussed with the Board: water testing; site survey/silt fence; recycling center water testing, and threatened and endangered species.

    Mayor Chammings updated the Board on the following:  Redemption; collection rate; environmental commission member resignation; 20% employee hours work from home policy; property appraisal request; access to Crandon Lakes; clean up day; camps, crosswalk process; grants for Swartswood Lake Association; Covid Report; the round table meeting held regarding internet; and attendance at the White House calls.  The Board also discussed soil movement within the Township and the designation of the Township Engineer as the Enforcement Official.  Mayor Chammings displayed several photos of local soil movement conditions, which was discussed.  The Board also discussed whether an overall plan was ever submitted for the Franciscan Missionary Farm.


No Public.    


With there being no further business, there was a motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  In a voice vote, all were in favor at 8:16 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted:

Alfia Schemm

Board Secretary


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