Frequently Asked Questions for 11-3-2020 Voting

November 2020 General Election Frequently Asked Questions for Sussex County Voters of September 14, 2020

1. How will we vote in November?
The November Presidential Election will be conducted mostly by paper ballot. All Active Registered Voters will receive their paper ballot in the mail. Ballots will be mailed the first week in October. Voters have several options
to return their ballots:
a. Follow the enclosed instructions to properly complete and seal your ballot package.
b. Mail them back to the Board of Elections (as early as possible, but no later than 11/3/2020).
c. Drop them off in one of our Election Ballot Drop Boxes (boxes will be available after October 5, 2020).
i. Andover Borough Municipal Building
ii. Frankford Municipal Building
iii. Franklin Municipal Building
iv. Fredon Civic Center
v. Hopatcong Municipal Building
vi. Sparta Municipal Building
vii. Hardyston Municipal Building
viii. Newton Municipal Building
ix. Sandyston Municipal Building
x. Vernon Municipal Building
xi. Wantage Municipal Building
d. Drop it off at the Board of Elections office, 83 Spring Street, Newton (Bearer Law – bring your ID, you may only hand deliver your ballot plus three others, or five others if they are family members living in the same
e. Vote in person by personally delivering your paper ballot to your polling station on Election Day. You may not deliver anyone else’s ballot to the polls. Governor Murphy’s Executive Order #177 provides the use of
voting machines only for disabled voters.

2. When will the Ballots be Mailed to Active Voters?
As per Governor Murphy’s Executive Order, the ballots must be mailed to active voters no later than October 5, 2020. If you will be away from your home and need your ballot mailed to a different address, please call the County Clerk to update your mailing address as soon as possible. Their number is 973-579-0900 x 1507.

3. How secure are the Drop Boxes?
Our Drop Boxes are very secure and are under 24 hour video surveillance. Ballots are retrieved daily by Election Officials until 8pm Election Night.

4. Will my Polling Place be open on Election Day?
We will have limited polling places open on Election Day. Due to COVID-19, our supply of poll workers is limited, plus we need much larger accommodations for social distancing requirements. A list of official polling places will be
announced in October and your designated polling location will be printed on an informational postcard sent to you by the end of October.
Vote in person by personally delivering your paper ballot to your polling station on Election Day. You may not deliver anyone else’s ballot to the polls. Governor Murphy’s Executive Order #177 provides the use of voting machines only for disabled voters needing an audio ballot.

5. What if I Haven’t Received a Ballot in the Mail?
Before Election Day, if you did not receive your ballot, call the County Clerk’s office at 973-579-0900 x 1507. The County Clerk’s office will provide you with further instruction.

6. What if I Haven’t Returned my Mail-In Ballot?
If you did not return your paper mail-In ballot, please refer back to question #1. If you do not have your paper mailin ballot, you may go to your polling location on Election Day and vote by a paper Provisional ballot.

7. What is a Provisional Ballot?
A Provisional Ballot is different from the Vote-by-Mail ballot you received in the mail. This ballot is used when the voter’s right to vote is in question. Not only will you fill out the paper ballot at your polling location, you will also fill
out your information on an affidavit and record your ID. The Sussex County Board of Elections will then investigate to make sure you are entitled to vote and that you didn’t already vote. These ballots are not counted on Election
Day – they are counted 1-2 weeks later after the investigation is concluded, and then added to Election Day results.

Your Provisional Ballot will be counted under the following conditions:
a. You are registered to vote in Sussex County.
b. You completed and signed the Affirmation Statement on the Provisional Ballot envelope.
c. Your signature matches your voter record
d. You promptly responded to our letter asking you to “cure” your ballot.
e. You enclosed the ballot in the envelope.
f. You did not return your Mail-In Ballot nor did you vote on a voting machine.

8. I’m visually impaired and cannot vote independently on paper. What are my options?
For visually impaired voters, your polling location will have a voting machine equipped with an audio ballot. Let the poll workers know that you require that ballot.

9. Will my political party be visible on the outside envelope?
No, this is a General Election. Voters belonging to every political party will receive the same ballot and your political party is not identified on the envelope.

10. What if there’s a problem with my ballot?
After you return your ballot, you may be contacted via letter from the Board of Elections. You must follow the instructions in the letter and respond promptly.
11. Who should I contact with other questions?

Any questions regarding mail-in ballots should be directed to the County Clerk’s office at 973-579-0900 x 1507.

Questions regarding voter registration or the returning of your ballots should be directed to the Board of Elections via email to You may also call 973-579-0950.

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